Governor Wangamati’s impeachment petitioner goes missing

Barasa Kundu Nyukuri


In Summary;

  • Yesterday’s events
  • The search

 Friday Aug. 08, 2020;

Kundu as he’d otherwise prefer to be called is a human rights activist behind the ongoing impeachment petition against Governor Wycliffe Wangamati. The Governance expert had earlier yesterday Friday 07, 2020 attended the committee session ready to table his documents when the governor’s representative Wakili Henry Makhakara requested for more time (one week) to go thru the documents citing late receipt. A request that was granted before the session was adjourned to Thursday next week giving the committee a lease of life since the Chairman Hon. Majimbo Will be back from the infamous ODM summons and available to steer the process.

During the session a visibly scared Nyukuri Barasa Kundu looked unsettled… He kept looking at the door as if expecting someone and at one point he mentioned to some committee members that while in Nairobi some NIS agents confiscated his handbag with some documents inquiring why he had those docs. Nyukuri was therefore expecting anything to happen anytime including a possible arrest.

Chain reaction;

07;16hours; #iKUWEiKUWE rat tips me off on Prof. Nyukuri Barasa’s arrest citing possession of CONFIDENTIAL government document

This was followed by a couple messages

20;26hours; I talk to County Commandant who insists on specifics… a conversation which to me felt like either he wasn’t aware as he sounded and/or wasn’t willing to disclose information for one reason or the other

I engage myself in many conversations with concerned residents/informers… Until one #iKUWEiKUWE rat mentions John Khaoya as the source of the information

21:30hours; I call activist John Khaoya who informs me that Prof. Nyukuri Barasa is indeed under police custody… He claims that he met Nyukuri at Bungoma CCIO’s office where he (Nyukuri) handed over files/documents to him for the purpose of presenting them to the impeachment committee next week since he won’t be around to do it himself. “The police first talked of taking him to Eldoret but later settled on taking him straight to Nairobi” concluded Khaoya

The reason for his arrest was… being in possession of a government CONFIDENTIAL document


  • I call DCIO who informs me that he is out of town and has no idea about the case unless he contacts someone station
  • Am unable to reach the OCPD
  • Am unable to reach the CCIO

Before I slept.. Then I receive an information that Nyukuri could have decided to back down from the petition. That he made this decision while in Nairobi and all the stories are just but that; stories… I find this hard to believe for the Nyukuri I know is a fighter… What could have motivated him to backtrack? Why not just make it easy by announcing so instead of this circus?


07:33hours; The OCPD says he is NOT aware

08:11 hours; My source at the police indicates that a Kundu was in their custody. He was picked very early in the morning for Nairobi by CIDs

Where exactly is Professor Nyukuri Barasa and why is the possession of a document such an issue? Which document is this?

Am headed to the police to have a look at the OB and subsequently report a lost person if the police won’t tell us where he is… stay tuned right here for an Update..



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