Controversy surrounding the death of Bungoma Governor’s aide Ernest Wafula


In Summary:

  • Mercy and her sister’s account
  • Ernest’s father
  • Ernest’s brother rules out suicide
  • Audio clips (accounts)
  • Governor Lusaka speaks
  • #iKUWEiKUWE Corner
  • Assorted images

Ernest Wafula aka Communicado a youthful blogger was today Sunday 10th September 2023 announced dead at about 1 am after falling from his fiancee’s (Mercy) apartment. He is said to have jumped to his death from 3rd floor through an adjacent school’s roof in Benam estate, Tiwani ward ~ TransNzoia County

A witness said to be Mercy’s sister, indicates that Wafula started behaving weirdly at night after a well spend evening. He undressed and manhandled his girlfriend before exiting the house where he ran into a neighbor who attempted to cool him down in vain.

Wafula who is Bungoma governor Ken Makelo Lusaka’s commucation’s person is said to have spend drinking and listening to Rhumba with Mercy and the sister but started complaining of feeling high body temperature a few minutes after he left for bed at about 11pm.

According to Police report, Mercy called them at 1am claiming he removed clothes complaining on high temperatures and left the house only to attempt taking his life by jumping from 1st floor but this did not get the job done. He then jumped from 3rd floor thru the roof of an adjacent school to his death.

Wafula was found dead, naked with a deep cut on his chest and neck.

My rat nevertheless claims Mercy and Ernest frequently quarreled “throughout” their relationship to the extend friends and relatives would step in to cool down things whenever it got ugly.

Alex Wafula, Ernest’s brother has rubbished the suicide narrative saying he noticed an unexplained deep cuts on his chest and neck. He also indicates that blood trail was seen inside the apartment’s compound meaning he was bleeding when he fell.

Ernest who had on 28th Aug 2023 published a post on his Facebook page as well as all social media platforms about depression is said to challenges at work. My rat informs that he had been redeployed from the governor’s home to Mabanga FTC in the logistics depart. This ultimately affected his movements for he no longer traveled like he used to when he was at the Lusaka’s home. He is also said to have complained about having literally forced his was to devolution conference at Eldoret where he earned the much needed allowances. In fact he is said to have borrowed cash from a colleague which he used to buy the alcohol he drunk with his fiancee and her sister.

He worked in the logistics depart. but was Governor’s blogger

Joice’s account (sister and neighbour to mercy):

Ernest’s father speaks:

Alex Wafula, Ernest Wafula’s elder brother: Rubbishes suicide

Speaking to Bungoma Governor while referring to a report that claimed Ernest had committed suicide, displayed his bitterness saying: “Its a sad day indeed, I knew Ernest at my first term as a Governor. He was dedicated and promising and that’s why I fast tracked his employment… I also wish to encourage anyone esp the youth who have pressing issues not to bottle up them up. I have lost a young, promising and determined friend and employee. May he Rest in Peace”

Wafula’s body is currently at Kitale morgue

Crime scene

#iKUWEiKUWE corner;

  • Police should investigate:
    1. The deep cuts on his chest and neck
    2. Since when does a grown man leave his house NAKED to catch the breeze?
  • was unable to reach mercy for comment but keep trying as probe this further

RIP Ernest



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