As a chairman, I wont allow Ford Kenya to torment UDA ~ Kakai

CPA Evans Kakai Masinde
My candidature for County chairmanship of UDA BGM county is real, let me set the record straight, the origin of UDA is Jubilee, fact. Jubilee fought with Ford Kenya (FK) in 2017, I was the County youth coordinator. The Presidency had H.E Uhuru and H.E Willian Samoei Ruto.
I sacrificed, those from Kabuchai can attest that my life was in danger due to FK. I volunteered to be a candidate of United Democratic Alliance (UDA) during the by-election because I could not accommodate FK for the love of H.E WSR. The singular reason I retreated to Jubilee during 2022 was because despite playing a significant role in Bringing Moses Wetangula to our formation he refused to make peace with UDA fraternity, took advantage of being optical and he made it so difficult to convince our PL that Weta had joined us without clean hands. We all can attest that indeed he didn’t mean well for our team no wonder all appointments are skewed to FK.
It is the highest time we jointly unite from our historical party Jubilee which gave birth to UDA. My last option is allowing FK to torment our journey, they are doing it and we all can clearly witness, hope I am vindicated.
I could be one of the most wounded person on H.E WSRs journey to Presidency.,it is painful but as a man I accept.
To enable me revisit and deal with my detractors, make me a County chairman of our esteemed party UDA. I paid Kshs 250k to UDA for my candidature in 2022, no refund from the party, I also duly paid Kshs 20k for my Chairmanship candidature.
I was in Jubilee for three months

I want to be given an opportunity to deal with the FK, they have deprived us of our entitlements, they are busy dishing every single opportunity to their relatives and cronies, I have a heavy burden on my back, as Judges 16 in the bible puts it, “God Offer me one more chance to deal with FK”, Good people FK has hurt me and legitimate friends of H.E WSR Bungoma. I request you give me an opportunity to settle our score because I know most of you have suffered together with me. God Bless good people.
All those who left UDA for fear of being victimized by FORD KENYA in Kenya Kwanza (KK) Alliance should now come back home (UDA)
Together we bring redemption to H.E WSRs legitimate friends and stop these selfish and greedy masqueraders, they should eat until 2027. Tawe movement can also help us to overcome.

Yours Truth CPA Evans Kakai Masinde.


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