HELP: I didn’t want to cheat myself writing good English as my family starves ~ blogger

Hello Chairman Edduh,
I will be honest enough to briefly describe myself and invite any member to afford a visit to our rental house in Kimilili to verify my status
I am an adult that is homeless and landless. I am a former widower that remarried after losing my spouse to uterus cancer leaving behind four young kids
I completed my four year course at Egerton university Njoro,  Bsc Agricultural Education and Extension but never graduated because of family misfortunes including finances and chronic sicknesses
I have since survived for a living as Agriculture and Biology teacher in several schools (BOM teacher) but currently locked out of teaching due to lack of a TSC number.
This, coupled with a growing family of school-going children and a passion to write endeared me to the side hustle of blogging for Hon Waluke as I taught in Namwela Boys, Sirisia Boys, Sacred Institute and Binyenya Girls in Namwela with the hope of probably either landing a proper job or being funded to clear with Egerton, something that didn’t work out.
I landed in Kimilili for a farm job that also ended prematurely coz I had to stand with my current wife for breast cancer medication
Father of eight kids, four kids in high school although one of them has mental illness. Landless and jobless, lost my first wife who left behind four young kids then remarried and now with eight kids
I have had four kids in high school and as sole breadwinner; with rent payment and medication life hasn’t been easy
I found it nagging in the public eye when I come out as a serious political blogger and yet faced with deep financial challenges that drained my passion to continue blogging for mheshimiwa Waluke, hence I toned down and gradually resolved to pursue God for divine intervention.
My wife is recovering, and I have supported my family by offering my knowledge in agriculture to improve their farm enterprises. This, together with bursaries has helped me feed my family, pay rent and fees.

I perfectly understand no one chooses where to be born and as a man you can neither live in the past nor survive on sympathy alone. We are in a world of problems where many have turned to washwash business to survive, something I have shunned since am a firm believer in Godly character
I have potential to continue blogging coz I have done it before. Check Khabi Waswa posts in the past on Facebook and they attest to this.
…mficha uchi hazai…
I didn’t want to cheat myself writing good English as my family starves, ingawa Mheshimiwa Waluke alinisaidia Sana to medicate for my wife in Bungoma West Hospital.
In the last General elections I voted in Kimilili constituency, Kimilili RC Girls voting station.
I’m trusting God will pull me through my status of stagnation with the persistent prayers and efforts in hustling.
Am sorry to have narrated a lot but I am ready to welcome any member where we stay for any further account of myself
I have evidence about my education, children in schools including Kibabii Boys, employment evidence, sickness records, death certificates, and my first born who is currently mentally sick therefore dropped out of school in 2022 while in form three
Chairman, am in need of a job (preferably agribusiness) and/or business capital to sustain the family’s needs including basics and education. I hope through you God might assist me.
I apologize to you if my request appears negative, lakini mficha uchi hazai, siwezi nikachezea brains zilizoko kwa hii forum wapendwa. That’s why I made my request with fear and respect to the group.

~ Khabi Waswa ~


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