Did Muslims annoy Governor Lusaka prompting the earlier than expected demolitions?

By: Abdulkarim
Hi Eddu.
On demolitions at Jamia Mosque Waqfu.
On Saturday 17.2.24 morning the Muslim leadership paid a visit to Governor Lusaka at his home in Mapera Kamukuywa to seek clarification and/or intervention about the impending demolition after the building had been marked ❌ on Friday 16.2.24 evening. We wanted to know the extent of encroachment to the road reserve and if we could be given time to demolish the structure so that we could salvage some materials.
We were kept waiting at the gate for 5hrs with the reason being that the governor was in a meeting with some County staff. We waited patiently as per the instructions of the protocol officer who had earlier met us at the gate. At around 11:00am, the protocol officer came again this time putting on a white face mask and asked us again the reason for our visit which we had already shared with him earlier on. He retreated back to the house and came back only to tell us that he had been instructed that we write our names on a piece of paper and our grievances so that the governor could hand it to the concerned person for action. We were taken aback by the turn of events.
Watch: Live broadcast on demolitions at Jamia Mosque streamed LIVE by Ikuweikuwe Updates facebook page
Why keep us at the gate for all that time only to be asked to write names and grievances? Why handle people in such a casual manner? We declined for such demeaning act and left. To our astonishment, at around 2pm on the same day we received information about demolition of Jamia Mosque Waqfu premises. The premises that we had gone to the governor to discuss about.
Our questions are;
Politician Zachariah Barazah, DAP-K gubernatorial candidate
  1. Why was Jamia Mosque Waqfu the first point of demolition in town?
  2. Did our visit trigger demolition?
  3. Why not give time for business people to relocate their property?
  4. Why mark on Friday evening and demolish next day? Why are other premises not being treated the same? Why double standards.
  5. Why not give time for the mosque to remove the structure itself to salvage materials?
  6. Is this not an act of vengeance and malice?
  7. Now that he has chosen to live by the law, when is he demolishing his kiwanja ndege house?

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We aren’t opposed to demolition but we have a right to information on the extent of encroachment and humane handling. Governor Lusaka should come clear about this issue.

Bungoma Governor Ken Lusaka is on record warning those operating on government land to vacate immediately for not even prayers would save them.


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