BUNGOMA: List of 463 certified but largely disputed casual employees

Bungoma Governor Kenneth Makelo Lusaka || Photo: Source

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In Summary:

  • Court order
  • Verification invite
  • Disputed 2020 list
  • Disputed Certified list

Bungoma County Govt. casual employees have been involved in a lengthy court battle over their legitimacy and more so rights to permanent employment on top of getting their unpaid dues dating back to 2013. The employees whose are presumed to have originated from the defunct local authorities have found themselves between a hard place and rock as they seem to face rejection regime after another despite the fact that successive governors have given the public lip services on their welfare. Bungoma Governor Ken Lusaka indicates that he will handle this matter once and for all despite having disobeyed several court orders due to lack of funds, need to streamline the list among other concerns.

On 28th July 2023 Hon. Lady justice Jemimah Keli of Bungoma Employment and Labour Relations Court delivered a ruling to a petition filed by Kenya County Government Workers Union versus Bungoma County Public Service Board (CPSB) and the County Government of Bungoma. The ruling ordered the county government to employ the 463 casuals on permanent basis and pay their dues.

PUBLIC NOTICE: 463 Bungoma County casual employees invite for verification

An earlier ruling made by the court on 13th May 2020 whose list was then certified by the same Court almost a years later on 17th Aug. 2021, a list that announces 463 that the court knows and therefore demands justice for.

9th July 2020 Casuals list: Casuals-Bungoma-9-7-2020-two

The certified list below is largely contested by govt basing on identification numbers most of which indicate they attained 18 years after 2013 (those starting with digits 25… upwards). On the other hand the KCGWU officials led by Mr. Muyundi has moved to Court to dispute among other things the need to produce letters that were repossessed or not issued by government. Muyundi goes ahead to quote Nyukuri Barasa’s submission in court sometimes back;

Nyukuri who is currently working for the current regime has rubbished those claims saying what he said or did in 2018 has been overtaken by events. “We are now going by the court order and not my outdated opinion” he concluded.

#iKUWEiKUWE Corner;

ikuweikuwe.com has also learnt that in the FYs 2018/19, 2019/20 and 2020/21 the CG of Bungoma allocated funds in the budget towards remuneration of the casuals but somehow they were diverted to other use.

  • On 12 to 29th 2022; The whole lot of 463 were all this time placed in the same job group some of whom got tired and left for better options as some stayed put.
  • At one time operatives within Wangamati’s govt had initiated plans to put aside 888million to reimburse casuals being salaries and interest as had been directed by court but they found themselves boxed in by court petitions following their skewed verification exercise that saw undeserving people listed.
  • More than 90% of those on the list can’t merit based on the invite’s demands

Certified casual employees




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