Governor Lusaka’s armed security claim 10% has denied them pay for months

Kiongozi vipi?
Kindly address this issue.. Armed security to his Excellency the Governor (Ken Lusaka) office and Kiwanja Ndege residence (CIPU/ AP) haven’t been paid from January 2023 Residence, Gvn Office from 2020, kindly we also have bills to pay, i.e Rent, House helps, Electricity, Water, Fees etc Residence hata tu a cup of tea hakuna, pesa enyewe hawalipi surely? Kindly fikishia Hon Lusaka atulipe plz, January ndio hio pia tuko na watoto wanajoin form one, we need to shop for them, pay fee and other bills. Walilipa officers guarding Mapera home, why not pay for kiwanja ndenge too? When we loose patience as AP (Administration Police) we become AP ( Abnormal Police) from 2020 hujalipa mwenye anamlinda?

Evening bro ???????? hio issue itakuaje juu someone anadai 10% ndio waprocess. But hii ni salary ya watu. Uache 10% Alafutu watu watalipwa aje.. Contractors ndio huacha 10%
The late Hon. Lawrence Sifuna’s funeral fundraiser at Bungoma Members Club

~ Anonymous AP ~ was nevertheless unable to get a response from the government.


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