Ford Kenya develops cold feet as Lusaka’s demolition spree stares at an anti-climax

Jamia Mosque demolished shops @Bungoma
By; Martin W.
Following days of demolitions and therefore destruction of property on ‘govt land’ Ford Kenya (FK) party has seemingly sensed political danger and has therefore been forced back to the drawing board thanks to the growing popularity of leaders associated with DAP-K led by Zachariah Baraza and Hon. Wafula Wamunyinyi, Hon. Eugene Wamalwa and George Wajackoya who are opposed to the destructive development.
Sources inform that the Ford Kenya regime is therefore planning to downgrade to only informal structures as they give more time to traders and homeowners more time to demolish own structures or halt further demolition all together structures at Bungoma bus stage, Chebkube market, Soko Kubwa, Kanduyi stadium and structures along the dual carriageway. This will be communicated in the planned stakeholders meeting on Friday 23rd Feb 2024.
It must also be remembered that National Assembly Speaker Rt. Hon. Moses Wetangula has publicly opposed demolitions in Transnzoia County while silently supporting those in Bungoma. A move that has given opposition another talking point where they claim Wetangula is behind these demolitions to punish those who don’t agree with him politically.
Bungoma Governor Ken Makelo Lusaka recently insisted that demolitions are unstoppable while encouraging those who’ve encroached on public land to vacate.
The opposition on the other hand insists that they are not opposed to development but demand that govt involves stakeholders in any plans.
With this development the FK regime is running scared of a backlash at 2027 and therefore blames opposition of distorting information while on the other hand organizing meeting with stakeholders as an afterthought
Zachariah Baraza’s team recently successfully pushed the a govt. into submission on Nzoia Sugar privatization even after cabinet approval… It also has moved to court demanding for proper public participation as well as availing of leading details by govt on the leasing issue.

The protests witnessed yesterday 20th Feb 2024 in Bungoma town, Sikata and Kanduyi are also credited to the DAP-K team who are seen to be the people’s defender against the inhuman govt.

Watch live stream:

Again, the opposition seems to be targeting Lusaka’s Kiwanja Ndege residence which is also said to be on govt land but was unfairly spared. They demand that it too be demolished like others but the County is not interested in that area.
In the meantime traders are busy removing their valuables from marked structures in fear of oncoming planned demolition. has further learnt that Bungoma County govt wont give in no any pressure as it continuous marking prime properties in town


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