Ng’arisha Sacco unleashes goons on Bungoma Kanjos at Posta grounds face-off

Ng'arisha Sacco, Kanjos face-off over Bungoma Posta grounds on 22-2-2024

Bungoma County Enforcement Officers also known as Kanjo found themselves running for their dear lives after Ng’arisha Sacco unleashed goons on them as they demolished the perimeter fence of Posta grounds Bungoma in the pretext that its government land. The incident which took place at around lunchtime on 22nd Feb 2024 caught Ng’arisha by surprise who immediately turned tables by calling in goons to protect “their” property. The enforcement team which was seemingly unprepared for combat ran for their lives leaving the job done halfway.

Kanjo had arrived equipped with power saw machines and started slashing fence poles at the base (ground level). Poles that were immediately replaced after Ng’arisha regained control.

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Speaking to a senior Ng’arisha officer who sought anonymity said; “We have no problem removing structures (metallic fence, tent, car park) around our offices but we will defend Posta grounds with our lives… We won a Court case against the County Government of Bungoma on this piece of land and therefore don’t understand why this govt doesn’t want to respect the courts… Let them bring it on, We’ll be waiting”

Separately a County officer and a close alley to Governor Ken Lusaka swore to make a swift and decisive move to clear the fence and therefore reclaim the 22-plot land.

Politician Zachariah Barazah, DAP-K gubernatorial candidate


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