Blogger Wakajuaness narrates a traumatizing assassination attempt

Elvis Simiyu aka Wakajuaness
Just survived a what looked like an assassination attempt on my life. Three guys on a motorbike pulled over at around 9.53pm of Sunday 31st Oct, 2021 when I was returning home from town and blocked me at Friends Church gate just past the Bungoma Law Courts.
They looked so suspicious and I crossed to the other side of the road just to be safer and one interjected my projection requesting to “talk to me”.
When I turned down, they launched an attack. I was carrying a laptop in my left hand and a phone in my right hand.
I slipped off and ran up to the apartments. They followed up me up to the apartments but lost trace of me in the stairs. One had a machete and the other had a panga or whatever it was as he threw it towards me apparently to hit my legs so that I could fall for them to feast on me.
Despite running while shouting loudest to alert the neighbours, guys had the guts to chase me up to the gate and harassed the gate guard to reveal my whereabouts but neighbours flagged up and they took off. I don’t know. I doubt if petty thieves can follow you up to an apartment.
They were so determined to have me. When they came to the appointments, they lied to our night guard that I had refused to pay the motorbike guy yet I was alone on foot.
It been a traumatizing night.
2 things saved me. When I took off, the motor bike guy took some time to restart the engine and by the time they were resettling on the bike, I was nearly 70 metres away. So, I took the left turn and because that stretch is totally dark, apparently the motorbike guy assumed I had taken the right turn towards Bungoma High School.
I thought they were actually taking off until I heard one of them issue tough commands to the rider to take a U-turn, saying “anaishi huku, ata ndo ule anatoroka (he stays the opposite side, in fact there he is, escaping).
The next thing, I heard the motorbike just on my trail some inches behind me and I knew I was done. Had I not been a good morning runner, I’d have run out of gas. The lucky thing was that as I was shouting at the guard alerting him that my life was in danger so that he flanks the gate open, the gate was already open and I launched myself into the appointments where one guy the talk guy sneaked in as well.
When they lost trace of me in an unfamiliar territory, they targeted the guard who was wondering what was happening and threatened him to hand me over to them accusing me of not paying their motorbike charges which was a lie.
When neighbours got out, the assailants took off.
Cases of insecurity in Bungoma have been on the rise. Just the other month, former Communications Director for Kanduyi MP was found brutally butchered by unknown people after reportedly being dropped by a motorbike guy.
I have never been this traumatized. Keep safe guys and thanks for all your calls, messages of good will and your prayers.

~ Elvis Simiyu aka Wakajuaness ~

Elvis Simiyu is a renowned hit-it-as-it-is Kenyan blogger and publisher at


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