Don’t-care County attitude blamed for Musikoma – Kanduyi dual carriageway reckless behaviours

Dear Bungoma County Government,
I am writing to bring your urgent attention to a concerning situation along Mumias Road. There is a growing issue of individuals parking motorcycles and bicycles along the roadside, as well as driving along the wrong lane. These reckless behaviors pose serious dangers to the safety of road users and require immediate action.
I believe it is crucial to regulate and manage the traffic along Mumias Road in order to prevent potential disasters. The current situation has already led to chaos and confusion for passing drivers, and the risks associated with these behaviors cannot be ignored.
I kindly request that you take urgent measures to address this issue and implement a comprehensive plan to ensure the safety of all road users. This could include erecting traffic signs, providing clear instructions, and enforcing stricter regulations to discourage such behavior.
I trust in the commitment and responsibility of the Bungoma County Government to prioritize the safety and well-being of its residents and visitors. I believe that your prompt action will not only alleviate the immediate dangers but also set an example for other roads in the county.

Your immediate attention to this matter is greatly appreciated. Let us work together to make Mumias Road and, by extension, Bungoma County safer for all.
Thank you for your concern and support.

~ Anonymous ~

In Kenya, both at the national and county levels, traffic police play a crucial role in various aspects of traffic management:

Traffic law enforcement: The primary function is to enforce traffic rules and regulations to ensure road safety and maintain order.

Traffic control: Responsible for controlling and directing traffic at intersections, roundabouts, and road junctions to ensure smooth flow and prevent congestion.
Accident response and investigation: Respond to road accidents, provide assistance to victims, and conduct investigations to determine the cause and liability.
Issuing traffic tickets and fines: Have the authority to issue traffic tickets and fines for violations of traffic laws.
Vehicle inspection and regulation: Conduct road-worthiness inspections of vehicles, enforce regulations on registration, licensing, and insurance.

Traffic education and awareness: Play a crucial role in educating the public about traffic laws, safe driving practices, and the importance of road safety.
Traffic management during events: Responsible for managing traffic and ensuring safety during events with increased traffic flow.
Escorting VIPs and special vehicles: Provide escorts and security to VIPs and important convoys, ensuring their safe passage and regulating traffic.
Collaboration with other law enforcement agencies: Work together with other agencies to maintain law and order on the roads and prevent illegal activities.


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