BUSIA: County Assembly approves the County Decentralized Units Regulations

Busia County Assembly
The County Assembly has adopted the Busia Decentralized Units Regulations that now gives the County Government of Busia powers to form village councils at grassroots level.
This will effectively complete the creation of the county administrative structures that started with sub county, ward and village administrators, and now village elders.
Busia County Assembly unanimously adopted the report on Decentralized Units Regulations which had been tabled by Delegated County Legislation Committee Chairman, Hon. Patrick Obongoya.
In his contribution, the Chairman said that devolution brought about decentralization of power at grassroots level, thus the need for regulations
on how village units will operate.
The committee vice chair Hon. Novena Ndaliro, supported the report, noting the document underwent public participation at the Busia Agricultural Training Center on 4th May, 2021 where the views of various stakeholders were captured with a view to improving the
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Hon. Felix Omanyi, the minority leader also supported the report adding that it will provide a roadmap in which village units will operate.
“Decentralization of village units will not only bring good management to lower levels but also provide financial resources to boost standards of persons living with disability,” he said.
The Assembly ammended regulation 14 to include a clause that no person shall be shortlisted for appointment nor appointed as a village elder unless that person has a minimum education qualification of primary certificate level.
Part II of the regulations make provisions on a number of matters including factors to be considered by County Assemblies when delineating decentralized units and creating boundaries for wards and other decentralized units within the counties.
The Assembly included clauses giving it powers to vet village elders once appointed and village administrators who chair councils powers to vote in the event there is a tie.
Photo: Previous sitting of the Busia County Assembly

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