Governor Wangamati’s integrity on the line as BUTICOH moves to repossess Tourist Hotel

Tourist Hotel - Bungoma

In Summary;

  • The lie that angered teachers
  • Finer details of the Contract
  • Breach of Contract

Relationship between Bungoma Teachers Housing & Investment Co-operative Society Ltd (BUTICOH) and Bonito Properties Ltd has just moved from bad to Toxic especially after Bungoma Governor Wycliffe Wangamati skipped a Monday 5th Oct 2020 meeting with BUTICOH officials. An aide to the governor informed the visiting officials who had arrived at 9am and waited till 3pm that Wangamati was not reporting to office since he was unwell and therefore wasn’t leaving his Ndengelwa home. An excuse that turned out to be a blunt lie for an #iKUWEiKUWE rat stationed in the corridors of power informs; Wangamati graced a funeral at Luuya on the same day

The BUTICOH officials had for the past 2 two years unsuccessfully tried to have a sitting with Wangamati who was the proposer and CEO of Bonito during the negotiation and signing of the contact… to address his unfulfilled pledges but he has religiously failed to turn up forcing them to opt for the first time to arrange to hold the meeting Wangamati’s County office for his convenience.  They were wrong; Wangamati who had chosen the date of the meeting once again the meeting a wide berth

Here are some of the concerns from the 21-year contract between BUTICOH and BONITO, with 6 years having elapsed out of which 3.5 years have NOT been paid for;

  1. Rent arrears;                15,358,500
  2. 10% profit sharing –      Nil received by BUTICOH
  3. BQs + Incomplete works
  4. Backup Generator Bonito has bought NONE

All these demands have not been honored by Bonito Properties Ltd

An irate teacher notes that Wangamati has taken advantage of the fact that BUTICOH operates within a County he is incharge of and therefore is arm-twisting it at will just like he does to NGARISHA SACCO. He nevertheless informs that they are now going to use all means to repossess it as they seek to have him pay for what he owes them. He reckons; We did not know we were dealing with an untrustworthy, inhuman and arrogant person who enjoys duping the public as he uses his position to oppress.


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