Nangwe residents accuse mother of cursing son to death at Buema accident

Buema accident claims one

Douglas Wamalwa the driver who perished in the fatal Buema accident involving a truck and trailer on Nairobi – Malaba highway today 14 Sept. 2023 is said to have been cursed by his mother in the morning over a land dispute.  The late hails from the Muchuma’s family from Nangwe village, West Nalondo ward – Kabuchai Constituency

A neighbor informs that Douglas had encroached on her piece of land prompting a quarrel today morning before he left for work. His mother uttered cursing words at him saying “Your journey ends here”, word that have been to be a lethal curse that took away his life.

The truck belonging to Mesh Brago limited was transporting flour from Malaba with three occupants crashed head-on with a trailer killing Douglas who was driving it but fate would spare the other two occupants. The truck conductor Mr. Allan Wabomba who seemed confused, walked himself to Dawameds Medical Cottage for checkup had minor injuries as the other occupant just disappeared.


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