Why Governors want an additional Kshs. 381.45 billion

Council of Governors

In Summary;

  • CoG Agenda
  • Press Statement

On Monday, 18 October 2021 the Council of Governors’ held a Full Council meeting chaired by Governor Martin Wambora to discuss issues affecting County Governments that included;

  1. COG Position on the Division of Revenue the Financial Year 2022/2023
  2. Additional Funding to the DANIDA Primary Healthcare (PHC) Grant
  3. Bilateral HealthCare Partnership between the Kenyan Government and the United Kingdom.
  4. Phase two deployment of Cuban Doctors
  5. The 7th (and Final) Annual Devolution Conference

On Revenue of the financial year 2022/2023 the Council rejected a proposal by CRA that recommends a non-increment of the County equitable share currently at Ksh 370 billion. It instead recommended an additional allocation of Ksh 381.45 billion bringing the total allocation to counties to Ksh 751.45 billion. The additional funds, according to the governors will help safeguard devolution and ensure optimal implementation of devolved functions by County Governments.

While addressing the Press in Nairobi, the CoG Chairperson Governor Martin Wambora revealed that the signing of bilateral agreement with the National Treasury will facilitate counties to receive additional Ksh1.2 billion for strengthening of level 1 community health units by November 2021. This is part of inclusion of the amounts in the county budgets as top up to funding by DANIDA Primary health care(PHC) Grant, following a consultative meeting with the Royal Danish Embassy.

The Council also discussed matters of Bilateral healthcare partnership between the Kenyan Government and the United Kingdom on workforce collaboration in healthcare that established the Kenya-UK health Alliance (KUKHA) that intends to open up employment opportunities in UK and Ireland for unemployed medical health care professionals in Kenya.

The Council chair revealed that phase two deployment of Cuban Doctors will begin on October 25, 2021. “The Ministry of Health has secured 79 Cuban Doctors in various specialties who have concluded induction programme and will be deployed in Counties by October 25, 2021,” he Said.

The Council also discussed issues relating Senate summons as well as the 7th and final annual Devolution Conference.

It was agreed that the last conference of the first era of devolution will be held from 23rd to 26th November 2021 urging delegates to take note of the new dates and prepare to participate in the upcoming conference.



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