Dilemma as needy student is sent home over 112k fee arrears despite being enrolled on CDF Educ. program

Chebosi S.A. Boys High School
In Summary:
  • Complaint
  • Rejoinder: Hon. Dan Wanyama
Good Morning Edduh,
I don’t know how you are going to help me out with what am experiencing. I have a student at Chebosi Boys High School who happens to be my younger brother. He was taken there by his previous Primary School teacher under a CDF program in 2021 and is now in form four but a very bright student always at top 3
He was sent home recently over fee arrears of 112k. There argument is that the CDF program has never sent a dime to School since he joined form one.

My question is; Why were they keeping a student in school since form One, never sent him home for fee until form 4 for them to claim that fee has never been paid?
Secondly, where does the school expect a parent who is widowed with no sources of income to raise a fee of 112k?
Dan Wanyama is our MP, I haven’t talked to him
Kindly assist

~ Mary ~


  • Webuye West MP Hon. Dan Wanyama in his rejoinder was sorry for this occurrence but blamed both the School Administration and the student’s guardian for not alerting CDF of the sorry state of affairs. He indicated as a matter of procedure, that they ought to have contacted CDF before the student was chased away. Wanyama nevertheless assured ikuweikuwe.com that he has before reaching out to us called the school as he promised that all will be well for Isalla Moses henceforth.


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