Reviving the Spirit of Saba Saba: Gen Zs Unite to Commemorate Horos .

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On this significant day, Gen Zs are gearing up to gather at Uhuru Park to commemorate Saba Saba Day, a historic event in the 1990s that marked the beginning of the fight for multipartism in Kenya. With hashtags such as #SabaSabaMarchForOurLives trending, this youth-led movement aims to pay tribute to the brave protesters of the past and advocate for a better future. In addition, let us take a moment to offer prayers and support for the families and loved ones affected by the recent tragic loss of lives during the #FinanceBill2024 protest.

Saba Saba Day, which falls on July 7th, holds immense significance in Kenya’s history. It symbolizes the struggle for political freedom and democratic rights, and it serves as a reminder of the sacrifices made by those who fought for a more inclusive and democratic society.

Gen Zs, known for their activism and determination to effect change, are spearheading the commemoration of Saba Saba Day this year. They recognize the importance of honoring the past and drawing inspiration from the courageous individuals who fought for justice and equality.

Uhuru Park, a historic landmark that witnessed pivotal moments in Kenya’s history, will be the gathering point for the Gen Zs. This iconic location serves as a powerful symbol of freedom and unity, providing a fitting backdrop for the commemoration.

The hashtag #SabaSabaMarchForOurLives has gained momentum on social media platforms, galvanizing support and spreading awareness about the event. Gen Zs are using their digital platforms to mobilize their peers and encourage active participation in the commemoration.

Key figures such as Okiya Omtata, a prominent human rights activist, have voiced their support for the Saba Saba Day commemoration. Their involvement amplifies the significance of this event and highlights the importance of intergenerational solidarity in driving meaningful change.

The commemoration will not only serve as a remembrance of the past but also as a call to action for the present and future. Gen Zs are using this occasion to address pressing issues such as social justice, climate change, and political accountability.

In addition to the commemorative activities, the event will also feature a barbecue, fostering a sense of community and camaraderie among the participants. This relaxed and inclusive atmosphere aims to encourage open dialogue and engagement on various issues affecting society.

As they come together to honor the brave individuals who fought for the freedoms we enjoy today, it is essential that we also reflect on the recent tragic loss of lives during the #FinanceBill2024 protest. Let us offer our prayers, support, and solidarity to the affected families and loved ones during this difficult time.

The commemoration of Saba Saba Day by Gen Zs serves as a powerful reminder that the fight for justice and equality is an ongoing journey. It is a testament to the resilience and determination of the youth to shape a better future for themselves and future generations.

The Gen Zs who are expected to gather at Uhuru Park today, their unified presence sends a strong message of hope, resilience, and the unwavering pursuit of a more inclusive and democratic society. May this commemoration inspire us all to continue the fight

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