Nominated MP, Hon. Godfrey Atieno Osotsi NEUTRALIZED!


Following demand by nominated MP Godfrey Osotsi that the ANC party holds elections, documents have now emerged showing that he is no longer a member of ANC party


  • Osotsi is right to say… The tenure of the current party office bearers elapses on 15th June 2020
  • ANC has conducted most of the grassroot elections
  • National Delegates Conference was to be held on may 13 for national elections but were postponed because of Covid-19 breakout
  • The ANC party is therefore waiting for RPPs guidance on the same

This is the second time the party has attempted to expel the MP… In a letter to the party dated March 21, 2019, The Registrar of Political Parties Ms Nderitu said that it is important that the party leadership complies with section 14 (7) of the Political Parties Act before expelling the member.

“The party is requested to furnish this (RPPs) office with the requisite internal dispute resolution mechanism proceedings, which should include the correspondences between the party and the concerned member… This will assist us take the necessary action as required by law, ” said Ms. Anne Nderitu

Now that he has been deregistered (see docs below) as a party member, lets wait and see whats in for the nominated legislator


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