Press statement by Kakamega County Assembly MCAs



Few days ago, we witnessed a mirage of activities within certain political quaters and groupings, aimed at causing unnecessary tension, disorder, disunity and confusion within the leadership of the Luhyia Community.

Some people have taken our previous political kindness we offered them, for our weakness! We have helped them achieve their political merchandise using our innocent support in times of need at the Ballot.

These very fellows, are now busy coercing our very own sons and daughters to play into their dark evil plans, to see us divided so that they can thrive their “political kill.”

Some of our leaders have succumbed to this political terror and intimidations by our adversaries by accepting to participate in illegal gatherings far away from “home”, serving interests of their masters. Instead, our home -grown political course can only be articulated here at home or at the Country’s Capital City,Nairobi where most of our leaders can easily assemble to deliberate. We therefore say NO to these levels of deceit and conmanship . Never again shall we allow, individuals with ill intentions to assemble in foreign locations so that they can organise us. Never again shall we be rubber stamps to other people’s political interests. No one else will ever try to speak for us and or negotiate for us; other than the Hounarables H.E. Wycliffe Musalia Mudavadi and Hon. Sen. Moses Masika Wetangula. They are our undisputed sons, leaders and spokespersons.

As local leaders, here at home, we ratify the statement issued yesterday in Nairobi by our leaders at Hon. Wetangula’s residence. We commit to allieng ourselves with each averment of the statement.

As a result thereof, we solidly stand with Hon. Senator Moses Masika Wetangula at this time when dark forces attempted to stage a premature coup of ousting him as the Ford Kenya’s Party Leader.

As a leadership from ingoo, we are alive to the fact that an enemy of Ford Kenya is an enemy for ANC. Equally, a problem in Ford Kenya is a problem in ANC and the other way round.

Going into the future from now, any individual, community, party or parties, or any organisation willing to work or support us as a community, must expressly channel such negotiations through our leaders as above mentioned, i.e. H.E. Musalia Mudavadi and Hon. Moses Wetangula.

Leader of Minority Kakamega County Assembly
Hon. David Ndakwa


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