ARRESTED; Kibingei MCA slaps an enforcement officer, after wrong-parking…..


Kibingei MCA, Hon. Aggrey Mulongo Waliaula

  • Wrong parks his vehicle in front of Adatia Wholesalers opposite National Bank of Kenya – Bungoma.
  • He is asked to park properly even if he is an MCA
  • Refuses and walks into Ronak agrovet.
  • The lady attendant follows him pleading for consideration
  • MCA walks back and slaps the reinforcement officer who had been called by the parking attendant
  • Walks away threatening parking attendants that they will hear from the governor
  • He is currently under arrest at Bungoma police station


⛔Is this a leader entrusted with making of the very laws that govern this town? The very laws that enforcement officers were trying to implement? I mean the ones he broke and proceeded to mutilate???

⛔So wangamati is the reason Mheshimiwa ako na kiburi namna hii???

⛔An apology from Hon. Kawa and Hon. Jack Wambulwa is not enough… We demand that the assembly leadership takes up this matter as well as the county executive and police alike.



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