51 out of 60 MCAs sign to remove Siboti MCA, Hon. Wamusai Simiyu as the Deputy Speaker


The clouds of change seem to be gathering again over the County Assembly of Bungoma following a court order that was lodged by Wamusai and his pro-Wangamati colleagues Jorum and Millie over the removal of Leader of Majority, Hon. Florence Wekesa. A court order that prompted team-change to go back to the drawing board. The results from that retreat is a FRESH list of no-confidence in the deputy speaker who initially had been pardoned with conditions… conditions he failed to fulfil

Its alleged that Bungoma governor and his puppet MCAs held a meeting at his Ndengelwa residence where they decided to induce members with 5,000 and 7,000 respectively depending on ‘status’. In some cases the governor himself drove to some MCAs residences

Those mandated started roaming around with money trying to buy the conscience of the MCAs as instructed by the County CEO… #iKUWEiKUWE Updates has learnt that those who’ve not signed are Wangamati’s right hand men/women who will be on the chopping board too when the committee purge rains in.


MCAs who’ve signed to remove Siboti MCA, Hon. Wamusai Simiyu as the Deputy Whip in the County Assembly of Bungoma

1 Hon. Paul Wamalwa Wanyonyi Matulo JUBILEE YES
2. Hon. Jack Kawa Zakayo Bokoli FORD-K YES
3. Hon. Bethwel Mwambu Fwamba Mbakalo JUBILEE YES
4. Hon. David Barasa Mabonga Kimilili INDEPENDENT YES
5. Hon. Martin Pepela Wanyonyi Ndivisi INDEPENDENT YES
6 Hon. Elly Tindi Manasseh Tongaren FORD-K YES
7. Hon. Joshua Ben Kipkut Chesikak JUBILEE YES
8. Hon. Sospeter Erustus Nyongesa West Bukusu ANC YES
9. Hon. Anthony  Lusenaka Namunyu Bukembe West FORD-K YES
10. Hon. Jackson Wambulwa Ouma Kimaeti FORD-K YES
11. Hon. Vitalis Wangila Sifuna Kabula JUBILEE YES
12. Hon. George Wasike Makari Musikoma FORD-K YES
13. Hon. Everton Sifuna Nganga East Sang’alo UDP YES
14. Hon. Tony Khaoya Barasa Lwandanyi JUBILEE YES
15. Hon.  Zeddy Wanyama Mukhwana West Sang’alo INDEPENDENT YES
16. Hon. Nangulu Charles Simiyu Namwela INDEPENDENT YES
17. Hon. Kiptalam Hillary Elgon JUBILEE YES
18. Hon. Grace Sundukwa Sitikho FORD-K YES
19. Hon. Humphrey Wamalwa Sifuna Bumula FORD-K YES
20. Hon. Francis Masai Chemyon Kaptama JUBILEE YES
21. Hon. Aggrey Mulongo Waliaula Kibingei FEDERAL YES
22. Hon. Erick Kamingich Wapang’ana West Nalondo wiper YES
23. Hon. Meshack Simiyu Wekesa Mukuyuni FORD-K YES
24. Hon. Peter Sindani Wafula Kamukuywa INDEPENDENT YES
25. Hon. Isaiah Busolo Sudi South Bukusu JUBILEE YES
26. Hon. Joan Kirong Chemayiek Kapkateny JUBILEE YES
27. Hon. Elvis Abuka Amunavi Milima FORD-K YES
28. Hon. Nathaniel Aseneka Ndalu/Tabani ODM YES
29. Hon. Frankline Simatwa Korir Chepyuk JUBILEE YES
30. Hon. Beatrice Nekesa Wekesa Nominated FORD-K YES
31. Hon. Luke Opwora Nominated FORD-K YES
32. Hon. Cheprot Chesibok Nominated JUBILEE YES
33. Hon. Christine Chebet Ngelech Nominated ODM YES
34. Hon. Rose Imbega Nominated FORD-K YES
35. Hon. Jane Cheperenger Ingo Nominated JUBILEE YES
36. Hon. Jerusa Aleo Sikuku Nominated FORD-K YES
37. Hon. Metrine Nanjala Nangalama Nominated FORD-K YES
38. Hon. Caviny Keshia Lukosi Nominated FORD-K YES
39. Hon. Kirui Yeko Eunice Nominated JUBILEE YES
40. Hon. Fredrick John Musebe Nominated FORD-K YES
41. Hon. Wabwile Nafula Rebbah Nominated JUBILEE YES
42. Hon. Hildah – Bedah Khayela Siang’a Nominated ODM YES
43. Hon. Sophy Akoth Marumbu Nominated ODM YES
44. Hon. Winny Atieno Nyambok Nominated ODM YES
45. Hon. Kamwanja Jane Chebet Cheptais JUBILEE YES
46. Hon.  Joseph Okhaba Magudah Township ODM YES
47. Hon. James Barasa Mukhongo Kabuchai/Chwele FORD-K YES
48. Hon. Ali Machani Mutoka Maraka ODM YES
49. Hon. Violet Namaemba Makhanu Mihuu ODM YES
50. Hon.  Joseph Okhaba Magudah Township ODM YES
51 Hon. Henry Majimbo Okumu Khalaba ODM YES


MCAs who’ve not signed

1. Hon. Joan Nafula Lutukai Naitiri/Kabuyefwe FORD-K NO
2. Hon. Rosemary Nafula Khisa Bwake/Luhya FORD-K NO
3. Hon. Florence Wekesa Fulano Maeni FORD-K NO
4. Hon. Chrispinus Wamusai Simiyu Siboti FORD-K NO
5. Hon. Jorum Wanjala Bukembe East ODM NO
6. Hon. Naboelela Everlyne Mutiembu Malakisi/Kulisiru FORD-K NO
7. Hon. Stephen Wafula Wamalwa Soysambu/Mitua FORD-K NO
8. Hon. Miliah Nanyokia Masungo Misikhu FORD-K NO
9. Hon. Daniel Sitati Makhandia Khasoko INDEPENDENT To sign


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