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Ng’arisha Sacco unleashes goons on Bungoma Kanjos at Posta grounds face-off

Bungoma County Enforcement Officers also known as Kanjo found themselves running for their dear lives after Ng'arisha Sacco unleashed goons on them as they...

DEMOLITION: Ng’arisha Sacco vs Kanjo over illegal structures

Bungoma County enforcement officers (Kanjo) have entered into an agreement with Ng'arisha Sacco that accorded the financial institution more time to remove the illegally...

Did Muslims annoy Governor Lusaka prompting the earlier than expected demolitions?

By: Abdulkarim Hi Eddu. On demolitions at Jamia Mosque Waqfu. On Saturday 17.2.24 morning the Muslim leadership paid a visit to Governor Lusaka at his...
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