LETTER: Mr. President, Ni sawa hata kama sio sawa… leasing Nzoia Sugar company

Nzoia Sugar Company || Photo: Source

Am writing to info you a few key things some of which you may be well aware of and is ignoring on matters Nzoia Sugar Company. Whereas am alive to the fact that hupendi kiingereza miiingi (going by your 2022 election campaign speeches) I will try to be brief knowing that hii kazi ulijitakia, ukajitaftia with the help of your dedicated followers.

Am alive to the fact that reviving Nzoia is a tall order but the current board of directors has done a COMMENDABLE job you shouldn’t ignore. Despite the fact that they’ve received ZERO financial support from the National govt since taking over… For starters, they have managed to religiously pay farmers weekly since reopening on 9th Dec 2023.

Since re-sumption of cane crushing on 13th Dec 2023 the company owes no farmer, not even a shoestring

As FINANCIALLY choked and frustrated as they are they’ve chosen to fight for their legacies as well as our (Bungoma) heritage

We are greatful that the National govt waived debts BUT on the other side wonder why it’s yet to pay workers salary arrears and farmers delivered cane.

Word on the street informs of a possible takeover by Transmara Sugar which is said to be interested in crushing cane into liquid form at Nzoia premises before transporting it to Transmara for further processing into sugar and therefore packaging…. Transmara is said not to be interested in cane from farmers but for it’ll only use the nucleus to plant own.

Ignore the above (immediate) paragraph if you like, it’s just that my rats love sniffing and I love sharing with the public what they ran into (confirmed or not) because most times they’ve been right.

According to me Nzoia Sugar needs to:
1. Clear staff salary arrears
2. Clear farmers pending bills
3. Revive nucleus usage to the fullest
3. Equipment… 10-20 tractors among others

and Yes! a Miller just to confirm you are a man of your word because you promised knowing its needed.

Baasss… I believe Njoya Yefwe (our Nzoia) will slowly but steadily come back to life.

Finally, Mr. President: During campaigns you promised us a new Miller and our own Speaker Wetangula standing besides you nodded in agreement as an item you wished to prioritize upon taking power… Locals then came out in numbers to support your agenda thru the ballot.

What changed? Can we be enlightened so that we be on the same page?

Nways, Am willing to fully support your course if convinced that:

1. The gains made by the current board is USELESS in your eyes Mr. President and those of Speaker Moses Wetangula, Hons Makali, Wamboka, Majimbo, Didmus, Wanyama and Pepela

2. We are NOT headed the Pan Paper way

… And, trust you me H.E, many hold my position. We might not have the powers to stop the leasing, but we have the powers to remind if ignored esp. if whatever you are up-to terribly flops.

Otherwise, Ni sawa hata kama sio sawa… Happy New and Properous Year!


#iKUWEiKUWE ????????


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