Confusion as KNEC withholds 166/229 Namawanga Girls School KCSE results

Dear parents,
I do write with great humility and understanding of the great anxiety and pain that you,our KCSE candidates of 2023, the staff,the general student body the entire stakeholders body and even the community are undergoing awaiting to learn about our KCSE results for 2023.
This morning at an urgent consultative meeting called by the school principal and attended by BOM chairman, BOM chairman academic committee and myself PA chairman, we learned that the results of our candidates 2023, we only got results of 63 candidates who did fairly well while results of 166 candidates have been withheld by the KNEC.
After a lengthy discussion the team resolved to urgently ask the principal to get to the KNEC in person to find out what could be the reason why this has been so.
We kindly request for your calm and prayers that all ends well.
The principal promises to update us about the findings soonest .
Your PA chairman,


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