How kidnappers used woman to lure students into a hostage situation

Two tertiary level students who went missing on October 27, 2023 after being lured to their kidnappers’ den by a female suspect have been rescued days after being locked up at an AirBnB at Elgon View apartments in Kitengela, Machakos County.
Two male suspects who held them hostage while demanding for Sh6 million ransom from their parents have also been arrested in the operation led by DCI’s Crime Research and Intelligence Bureau detectives.
The suspects, Brian Ombasa Omoso, 25 and Humphrey Hinga, 22 who have since been ushered into our cells are believed to have been working jointly with the female dangerous damsel on the loose to identify and lure targeted victims, in their no-sweat approach to soft life.
In the classic case of ‘all that glitters is not gold’ reported at Kiambu Police Station on Oct 29, the lady who identified herself to the victims as Debbie Zablon separately lured the duo for a meet-up at a common venue in Nairobi, and just like the biblical Samson in Delilah’s arms, surrendered the 21-year-olds to her accomplices.
Recovered items
Taking up the matter, the crime researchers reasoned with the distressed parents while subjecting all possible leads to forensic analysis. In their findings, it emerged that the female accomplice had used a stolen ID card to register the line which she used to communicate with the male students. Indeed, the legitimate owner of the ID card had earlier reported its loss at Lang’ata Police Station, a move that exonerated her from the suspects’ mix.
Relentless search for the victims finally paid off when the terrified hunger-stricken duo was reunited with their kin, but not without a lesson of the existence of masquerades who will do anything for money.
An imitation of a pistol, a dagger, subscriber sim cards used to contact the parents, fake front and rear car registration plates (KDD 881M) believed to have been used during their transportation and assorted tools were also recovered from the hostage room.
Detectives had a challenging moment leading the suspects to the waiting police car, as curious locals thronged the scene for a view and a share of a pound of flesh from the suspects. Meanwhile, manhunt for the female miscreant who tucked away is underway.
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