Two CPSB members skip an annual Conference to doctor and release FAKE appointment letters for Village Admins

Former BCPSB Chairperson, Mr. Jonathan Namulala Nyongesa being sworn in / FILE

In Summary;

  • Questionable, irregular appointments
  • EACC involvement
  • Qualifications of Village admins (ACT)

Bungoma County is no stranger to controversies surrounding irregularities and failure to uphold the law while undertaking its administrative duties. Its therefore no longer a surprise that the CPSB that is otherwise deemed to be an independent body has found itself on the receiving end once more for doing the same mistakes it has done and warned against before just like they were warned after the appointment of Chief Officer Safiya Awil who was appointed before receipt of an EACC report on her.

The issue of Village Admins employment has seen the County make tens of back and forth due to irregularities made by the same people during Wangamati’s term in office. Previously we have witnessed several petitions lodged both in the county assembly and courts to stop the process due to shortcuts.

This time round while all the County Public Service Board members Countrywide are camping at Travelers Hotel – Mombasa for an annual conference since Saturday, 23 October 2021, two Bungoma CPSB members namely Jonathan Namulala (chairman) and Mr. Makata (Secretary) remained behind to doctor, compile and release a FAKE list of village admins. Those who have been in Mombasa from Friday, 22 October 2021 include; Mrs. Christine, Mr. Bonnie, Mr. Wasikoyo, Mrs. Soita and Mr. Cherongis… The other two have been absent upto yesterday when I checked on the attendance list

A copy of a text message that was send to successful candidates

This is against what the entire CPSB had agreed on; They were to first attend the Mombasa conference before coming back to embark on finalizing the recruitment exercise. So, the two who took it upon themselves to do the compiling while their colleagues were away on official duty are now blaming it on Governor Wycliffe Wangamati saying; “Governor forced us to do it before we leave”

The two remained tight lipped when asked; why the Governor only asked the two and not the entire CPSB

Speaking on a local radio station, the CECM Public Administration Mr. Richard Sabwami indicated that the appointment process is thru and therefore letters are being dispatched.

Questionable appointments;

#iKUWEiKUWE is also reliably informed that;

  • Some of those who’ve been irregularly appointed got less than 50% (pass mark) at interview and were therefore not on the initial list that was to be finalized on.
  • Some only have computer packages from Bungoma Cyber Cafés as qualification as opposed to a Post-secondary education Certificate from accredited institutions being the minimum requirement.

Bungoma decentralized units act 2015; 

Qualifications of Village admins;

EACC involvement;

The law demands that once the CPSB is through with compiling a list of successful candidates ready for appointments, it submits it to Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) for scrutiny. Its only after EACC clears a candidate that an appointment is officially made via a duly signed letter.

Also read;


#iKUWEiKUWE is also informed that as of this morning of Thursday, October 28, 2021 the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) is yet to clear a single candidate from the doctored list. In fact, no single name has been presented for scrutiny by EACC.

This therefore means that what is happening now is null and void… Until the entire CPSB verifies and collectively agrees on a list of successful candidates, forwards it to the EACC and gets a clearance report before appointments are done. Otherwise this is just but a deliberate move to attract court battles and petitions.


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