Prof. Edward Kisiang’ani leads UDA’s Economic blueprint consultations – Bungoma Chapter

Prof Edward Kisiang'ani addressing participants during the UDA Economic blueprint Bungoma Chapter at Siritamu

In Summary;

  • Professor Kisiang’ani (audio)
  • Hon. Mwambu Mabonga (audio)
  • Hon. Dan Wanyama (audio)
  • Hon. Waluke John (audio)
  • Rev. Murunga (audio)

United Democratic Alliance (UDA) Bungoma branch held an economy stimulus meeting at Siri Tamu Resort – Bungoma to collect views on UDA’s bottom-up economic blue-print. The meeting that was graced by Hon. John Waluke ~ Sirisia, Hon. Dan Wanyama ~ Webuye West and Hon. Moses Mwambu ~ Bumula, Church leaders, business sector, bodaboda, Women caucus, youth, professionals, administration, disabled, Tuktuk, informal sector (Mama mboga etc) among others. The meeting that was to start at at 8am took off at 11:10am due to the late arrival of the Guest Speaker; Prof Edward Kisiang’ani

The mcee of the day Director Evans Kakai who was UDAs aspirant in the recent Kabuchai by-election introduced his team of organizers which included Eng. Michael Malomba and Sophy Nekoye Waliaula before running members thru the day’s agenda: UDAs Economic blue-print

Mark Barasa;

  • Informed participants that organizers had invited leaders in various sectors but made it clear that would be no facilitation/ reimbursement

Sophy Nekoye Waliaula ~ Bungoma Gubernatorial candidate;

Thanked participants for sparing time to grace the function while encouraging them to ensure they make their concerns known for the purposes of improving the economic blueprint. She asked Women to embrace politics as well as the bottom-up approach which ultimately assures financial empowerment.

Sophy Nekoye Waliaula

Mike Malomba ~ Bungoma Coordinator;

  • UDA is about 4 months’ old and has made great milestones; Has 23k registered members in Kabuchai as Bungoma is ranked 4th in registration Countrywide… after Nakuru, Nairobi, Meru
  • UDA is a fast growing child that has walked before crawling
  • Malomba reminded participants that Jubilee got 100k votes in the 2017 … but its important to note that UDA has over 100k members already in 4 months
  • No one is facilitated… Its voluntary
Mike Malomba – UDA Bungoma Coordinator

Director Evans Kakai:

  • He applauded Hons Moses Mwambu, Dan Wanyama and John Waluke for agreeing to plan the future with Bungoma locals in-line with the bottom-up economy blueprint
L-R: Dir. Evans Kakai, Hon. Moses Mwambu – MP Bumula,, Hon John Waluke – MP Sirisia, Hon. Dan Wanyama – MP Webuye West

Prof. Edward Kisiang’ani…

  • 31st year as a lecturer at the university
  • Gladys Wanga, Lee Kinyanjui, Ndindi Nyoro, Isaac Mwaura, Lusaka…
  • I write articles
  • Do media business
  • Am here to help our people to communicate properly
  • I support Ruto and UDA
  • Ruto has listened to us professional over time to us where we are
  • Weve worked us to get us here…
  • We can’t abandon the struggle
  • Join us now…
  • 12 months to campaign,
  • Bungoma, Kakamega, Busia, Vihiga … has no CS.
  • Echesa’s position was taken to Nyanza
  • Senatoir Wetangula lost the minority senate seat to Siaya
  • Time for us to laugh with people who hurt us is up
  • Bargain with people who consult on what you want not otherwise
  • The country needs us to fix the crisis of leadership
  • We don’t want leaders who when they don’t like you… they send DCI to come arrest you, call you names etc
  • How does govt money come to an individual? Where was Parliament?
  • How did Ruto open the Treasury’s gate to access money for dams?
  • Don’t listen to this propaganda by Uhuru – Regime
  • We must say no to night-time arrests… We need to fix this leadership
  • BBI –
  • Mazrui, Meshere, Mukangi, maina wa kinyati, prof oyugi… were arrested because the executive had a lot of power
  • BBI – is a constitutional proposal that wants to put an ombudsman in the judiciary
  • BBI is more dangerous than international terrorism
  • Why talk of 35% when you can’t pay 15?
  • Don’t entertain BBI nonsense …. Don’t start competing on how to become foolish
  • These MP’s are tired of eating on our own behalf… We want to eat on our own behalf
  • William ruto isn’t a liar
  1. Bottom-up economic model
  • Kenyan economy is almost on its deathbed
  • Inclusivity…
  • 15million Kenyans do not feel the economy growth
  • Remove cartels who end up increasing costs of products and services
  • Summary of bottom-up; Hard work, empowerment and inclusivity

Hon. Mwambu Mabonga:

Hon. Dan Wanyama:

Hon. John Waluke:

Rev. Murunga;


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