Bumula politician axes down a bodaboda shade, invites trouble


In Summary;

  • Demolition
  • Confrontation
  • Urinates on sister’s face
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Former Mukwa/Siboti ward Councilor Mr. Phobiano Simiyu aka Musichune is no stranger to controversy having previously been adversely mention as being the one who tried to block an access road to Mayanja dam claiming it was running through his land among other outrageous land disputes. On Saturday 27th March 2021, the politician cum contractor did arm himself with an axe, walked to Mayanja-vitunguu market and demolished a bodaboda shade erected years ago claiming it sits illegally on his land.

Affected riders moved in and a 2-hour confrontation ensued that saw the riders stop the former councilor from completely flooring the shade with village elders having to intervene to save the notorious politician’s life… concerned riders nevertheless have reached out to ikuweikuwe.com indicating that the said shade was about 7 meters from the main Mayanja-Malakisi road and therefore do not understand where the politician who previously had no problem with its erection has found the appetite for this public land.

Bodabodas are said to be planning to take the war to Musichune’s doorsteps if he continues interfering with their livelihoods.

Mr. Phobiano Simiyu aka Musichune demolishing a bodaboda shade

Musichune is a former elected leader for Mukhwa/Siboti ward just before MCAs Hon. Charles Wamukota (2013) and Hon. Wamusayi Simiyu (2017).

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#iKUWEiKUWE Corner;

#iKUWEiKUWE has also learnt afew other crazy things about the former councillor including;


#iKUWEiKUWE is reliably informed that Musichune allegedly urinated on his sisters face in 2016 following a disagreement over land. The lady teacher had earlier asked him to be a caretaker of her land but with time Musichune decided to move a public road that separated his and his sisters land without consulting her. He even never bothered to involve the government putting into consideration that this was a public road being diverted. It took 8hours of push and pull for police officers to arrest the spear holding Musichune after the teacher reported the matter. The case is still ongoing

There also exist bad blood between Musichune and his younger brother over an existing land dispute between the two. They are said to have never shaken hands in 20years and going now


He was once associated with an attack at a church on the sitting Siboti MCA Hon. Wamusayi Simiyu and later masterminded another attack on the MCAs ward office

I was unable to reach Musichune for comment


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