Independent candidates upset Minority Coalition as Steve Sonko leads first-timers in bagging key Committees leadership positions

Stephen Kaiser Simiyu aka Steve Sonko, MCA Matulo Ward - Ford Kenya

Bungoma County Assembly on 28th Oct 2022 did elect Chairpersons and Vice Chairpersons of various committees in an exercise that saw independent candidates upset minority side while Stephen Kaiser Simiyu aka Steve Sonko, MCA Matulo Ward lead newcomers in bagging key positions. Sonko is widely regarded as one who invested most in education having spend (own money) over 5 million shillings in his 3-year Steve Kaiser Foundation scholarship program that saw over 900 needy pupils, students benefit within Matulo ward and Bungoma County at large. Other first-timers include Edwin Opwora, Polycap Wandabusi Kimeta and Benard Kikechi among others.

The following retained their positions; Musikoma MCA Hon George Makari – Chair Health, Hon. James Barasa Mukhongo – Chair Finance.

Three female MCAs were elected Chairpersons: Hon. Violet Makhanu – Youth Affairs and Sports, Hon. Metrine Nangila – Legal and Justice Committee, Hon. Linda Kharakha – Delegated County Legislation Committee

In a surprise move, two independent candidates turned tables on committees that have previously been led by Members from the Minority coalition and clinched the leadership;

  • MCA Hon. George Tendet has been elected chairperson of the Public Accounts Committee with Hon. Bernard Kikechi being elected to deputize him.
  • A similar scenario played out in the Implementation Committee where Hon. Jacob Psero was elected Chairperson while Hon. Mourine Wafula was elected Vice Chairperson.

The full list of MCAS elected to lead various committees is as below:

  1. Finance and Economic Planning
    • Chairperson- Hon. James Barasa Mukhongo
    • Vice Chairperson- Hon. Orinze Kundu
  1. Education and Vocational Training
    • Chairperson- Hon. Benjamin Otsiula
    • Vice Chairperson- Hon. Stephen Kaiser
Hon. Violet Makhanu, MCA Mihuu Ward
  1. Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries, Irrigation, and Cooperatives Development
    • Chairperson- Hon. Waiti Wafula
    • Vice Chairperson- Hon. Idd Owongo
  1. Roads, Transport, Infrastructure, and Public Works
    • Chairperson- Hon. Frankline Simotwo
    • Vice Chairperson- Polycarp Kimeta
  1. Tourism, Environment, Water and Natural Resources
    • Chairperson- Hon. Edwin Opwora
    • Vice Chairperson- Hon. Martin Chemorion

  1. Gender and Culture
    • Chairperson- Hon. Jack Kawa
    • Vice Chairperson-Hon. Abraham Obama
  1. Health Services
    • Chairperson- Hon. George Makari
    • Vice Chairperson- Hon. Jerusa Aleu
Hon Tony Barasa, MCA Lwandanyi
  1. Lands, Urban, Physical Planning and Housing
    • Chairperson- Hon. Francis Chemion
    • Vice Chairperson- Hon. Linda Kharakha
  1. Trade, Energy and Industrialization
    • Chairperson- Hon. Johnstone Ipara
    • Vice Chairperson- Hon. John Wanyama
  1. Public Administration and ICT
    • Chair- Hon. Tony Barasa
    • Vice Chairperson- Hon. Caleb Wanjala
Hon. James Barasa Mukhongo – MCA Chwele / Kabuchai
  1. Labour Relations and Members Welfare
    • Chairperson- Hon. Henry Nyongesa
    • Vice Chairperson- Hon. Catherine Kituyi
  1. Youth Affairs and Sports
    • Chairperson- Hon. Violet Makhanu
    • Vice Chairperson- Hon. Grace Sundukwa
  1. Budget and Appropriations Committee
    • Chairperson- Hon. Jackson Wambulwa
    • Vice Chairperson- Hon. Charles Nangulu
  1. Powers and Privileges Committee
    • Chairperson- Hon. Emmanuel Situma
    • Vice Chair-
Speaker – Emmanuel Situma
  1. Legal and Justice Committee
    • Chairperson- Hon. Metrine Nangila
    • Vice Chairperson- Hon. Everlyne Anyango
  1. Delegated County Legislation Committee
    • Chairperson- Hon. Linda Kharakha
    • Vice Chairperson- Hon. Dorcas Ndasaba
  1. Implementation Committee
    • Chairperson- Hon. Jacob Psero
    • Vice Chairperson- Hon. Mourine Wafula
  1. Public Accounts Committee
    • Chairperson- Hon. George Tendet
    • Vice Chairperson- Hon. Bernard Kikechi


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