BUNGOMA: Executive releases funds for pending bills, facilitates MCAs Tissue-paper demo


In Summary;

  • Demonstration
  • How/Where it was planned
  • #iKUWEiKUWE Corner
  • Advert; County Gala Award

Following the release of funds by treasury with instruction to pay pending bills, Bungoma County on Thursday, 1 July 2021 started paying suppliers with the County Assembly having all its suppliers factored in. In view of that development the house leadership then resolved to hold a meeting on Wednesday, 7 July 5, 2021 with the purpose of deliberating on the possible reopening of the assembly.

Yesterday Sunday, 4 July 2021 Pro-Wangamati MCAs gathered at his Ndengelwa home as he hosted church leaders for prayers. They later turned the house into a bar for drinking spree that ended about 8pm. While at it they resolved to carry out a Tissue-Paper demonstration meant to shame the speaker of the county Assembly of Bungoma Hon. Emmanuel Situma.

Today Monday, 5 July 2021… 17 MCAs led by Hon Chemion of JUBILEE and Hon Balala of ODM gathered at Bungoma Members Club before proceeding to the Assembly carrying Tissue papers and Sanitisers. On arrival they handed the goods to the Clerk Mr. John Musongo before quickly dashing to Members club where they were joined by governor Wangamati for Ugali-Kuku lunch possibly meant to appreciate them for a job well done.

Advert: County Gala 2021 Award for Best MCA in Bungoma

#iKUWEiKUWE has further learnt that the re-opening of the assembly is solely pegged on the availability of funds to pay suppliers such as KPLC, internet provider, Security etc. Since the funds were released last week and the Clerk is in the process of wiring funds to suppliers… the Assembly is now set for reopening.

#iKUWEiKUWE Corner;

  • I suggest the Clerk donates the Tissue Papers/Sanitisers to one of the many children homes within Bungoma… Ama Kenya Red Cross Society
  • Wangamati buys MCAs Ugali/Kuku while County staff are sleeping hungry, Banks attaching their properties over loans…? PAY WORKERS THEIR MAY AND JUNE SALARIES
  • UNCONFIRMED; Wangamati has decided to pay salaries around mid this month… Kwani hii pesa hutengeza interest kwa bank?


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