A Bungoma policeman arrested in Marsabit with 2 sacks of bang, makes a daring but brief escape


In Summary;

  • OB report
  • #iKUWEiKUWE Corner


Marsabit County
Sololo Sub County
Sololo Police Station
Refer to OB 12/ 2/5/2021 of Turbi Police Station today at around 11:30hrs officers manning Walda barrier intercepted a motor vehicle of registration no KDA 278Z Toyota Wish black in color driven by one Willy Alex Wambua  c/o 0759669019 upon searching the car they recovered the following two sacks labelled as follows::
  • CR:  911/500/2018
  • OFF:  Possession
  • ACC: Benson Karanja
  • CF: 1550
Containing dry green leaves suspected to be bhang approximately 20kgs.
After brief interrogation by officers he introduced himself as PC No. 112213 Willy Alex Wambua of Bungoma County Hqs command. He was ordered to offload the luggage of which he complied in the process he requested to properly pack the car instead he sped off leaving the barrier and the luggage without clearance. The officers immediately notified officers of Turbi Police Station for interception after which he was intercepted at Turbi road block and taken to Turbi Police Station. The team comprising of SCPC, OCS and officers from Sololo rushed to Turbi Police Station to collect the suspect where after search was conducted the following items were found in his possession:
  1. Certificate of appointment S/no 112213
  2. National identification card N.o 28508140
  3. Knife
  4. One mobile phone Sumsung make
  5. Handcuff serial no. KP/IE/001541
  6. One pair of military hand gloves green
  7. 2 Brown adhesive tapes
While on the way to the station the suspect turned violent and want to destroy the exhibit and tried to snatch the officers escorting the riffle but he was overpowered. He has been placed in custody and he is to appear before PM’s Magistrate court Moyale tomorrow 03/05/21 for the offence of trafficking in narcotic drugs and failing to stop at the road block. Case P.B.C

~ Occurrence Book report ~


#iKUWEiKUWE Corner;

  • The arrested officer is currently charged in Bungoma Court on a different account where sometimes back together with the then DCIO to Bumula they allegedly trailed a lorry known to be common in the traffic of illegal goods. Upon entering a home where the lorry had parked in Musikoma village, the two officers demanded to inspect it a move that angered the owner prompting his family and neighbours into wanting to beat up the officers for harassment. On this day the lorry was apparently carrying sand

It was at this point that one person was accidentally shot in the leg leading to the court case where the two police officers were charged with causing grievous harm.

  • His colleagues ironically insist that he is indeed an officer stationed at Bungoma South Police station and that he is a very good guy. They do not understand what drove him into such illegal acts.


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