Why ikuweikuwe.com TikTok account got permanently banned

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Ikuweikuwe.com Tiktok account has PERMANENTLY been banned after posting a video that’s perceived to violet community stands

This account was created at the end of last year and had accumulated five-figure followers thanks to my new born interest in Tiktok in the last two months… Then this????

As I saw a life lesson in the video (attached), Tiktok found it wise to teach me too claiming am propagating violence

Video: https://t.me/iKUWEiKUWEupdates/6408

⛔ *This is why I have always spread the risk on social media by investing in VARIOUS platforms… This was first advised by the deletion of my Ikuweikuwe Updates Facebook accounts TWICE before the current on*

WE WILL BE BACK (if need be)

Wacha Ikuweikuwe… Kama mbaya MBAYA



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