Why Nzowasco has disconnected Bungoma Tourist Hotel’s Water and Sewer lines

Tourist Hotel - swimming pool

Bungoma Water and Sewerage Services Company (Nzowasco) has discontinued its Sewerage and Water to Tourist Hotel. This is after the Water company realised that the hotel associated with Bungoma’s outgoing governor Wycliffe Wangamati had illegally re-connected itself to a waterline that had been disconnected one year ago over a 4million debt.

Tourist had after disconnection of water about a year ago, bypassed the meter and was therefore enjoying FREE water for that period until last week when the Nzowasco’s high profile regional team led by the regional manager came calling. Upon discovery of the theft the team recommended instant and total disconnection from their services.

The company estimates that bypassed water could cost an estimated one million for the year the facility has been stealing water used for the swimming pool, rooms, kitchen etc.

In April 2021 ikuweikuwe.com published a story informing about Nzowasco having disconnected its services to Tourist Hotel but were somehow restored later after an intervention from the high office. BONITO Properties Ltd which owns Tourist Hotel is a company associated with former Bungoma County governor Wycliffe Wangamati and had a bill of Kshs. 2,721,506.39 then; Sewer 649,845.74 and Water 2,071,660.65.

Also read: https://ikuweikuwe.com/2021/04/26/nzowasco-goes-after-bonito-other-huge-defaulters-as-water-shortage-bites-following-another-kplc-disconnection/

BONITO has never paid a single water bill since it leased the teachers’ premises for 20 years in 2017. Water and Sewerage services to Tourist Hotel have therefore been TOTALLY discontinued AGAIN

This has left the facility with water reserves to depend on (water tanks)

Efforts to get a comment from the facility was futile


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