Kimilili MCA David B. Juakali ditches Ford-Kenya for DAP-K

L-R: DAP-K chairman Mr David Muchele with Kimilili MCA David Barasa Juakali

MCA David Barasa Juakali ditches ford-Kenya for DAP-K

10 days after ditching Wangamati over what he claimed was the voice of the people… The Kimilili MCA has swallowed his own words and rejoined Bungoma governor saying he feels like he was going to be shortchanged in nominations.

The legislator who won Kimilili Ward 2017 race on a independent ticket tells that he made that choice after realising that Mr. Mattress a perennial opponent had already been registered as an FK aspirant and had been doing recruitment for sometime in preparation for oncoming nominations

“Sikia edduh, Mattress hawezi nishinda kura… In 2017 elections nilimnyorosha na 4,524 votes against his 1,000 at number four… Sitaki kuwekwa kwa nominations na yeye… Niko DAP-K, wacha tupatane kwa ballot”


In a rejoinder, Tuuti/Marakaru MCA and majority Leader in Bungoma County Assembly Hon. Juma Nyongesa laughed off the move saying “… that’s not news, we expected this coz we know his character… He is used to handouts…”


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