REJOINDER: CS Eugene is an accident to the people of Mulembe ~ Didmus Barasa

Kimilili MP, Hon. Didmus Barasa
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Dated 13th January 2022
In his continued efforts to bully me into joining his party DAP K, it is unfortunate that the Defense Cabinet Secretary Eugene Wamalwa has alleged the following:
  1. That he introduced me to politics
  2. That he bought me a Landcruiser Prado
  3. That he allowed me to stay in his house
  4. That I insulted him
I wish to respond as follows:
I first declared my interest to run for Kimilili Parliamentary seat in 2013 on a UDF Ticket when Eugene was Party Leader of New Ford Kenya. By that time, his preferred candidate was Nicholas TT Simiyu and therefore his insinuation that he introduced me to politics is a fallacy.
When I Joined Jubilee Party from ODM in April 2017, it is at this time that I met Eugene Wamalwa and I can confirm that during Jubilee Party Primaries, he supported his long term ally Eng John Wenyaa whom they were together in New Ford Kenya. I won the Nomination against his wish any way.
After I won the Jubilee primary, he was part of the Regional campaign trail and he used to show up in meetings organized by Jubilee party in Kimilili. This was the time we were routing tor a six-piece voting which if this is what he claims to have campaigned for me, then I agree.
I appreciate that he organized for a meeting at MUSEMBE Primary, his home area, and I agree that I may have gotten 90 percent of votes casted from this polling center courtesy of him. We had agreed that that I assist in building the school in exchange for their votes. As we speak, I completed 15 classrooms last year and an extra 8 classrooms are due for commissioning within two weeks. Deni yake nimelipa awache makasiriko sasa.
I agree that he offered me temporary accommodation in his apartments in Westlands. This was on condition that I purchase the said house after three months using our PSC Mortgage. PSC Declined because the house had encumbrances and I moved out to a different house which met PSC Conditions for purchase through parliamentary Mortgage.
When President Uhuru Kenyatta named his partial Cabinet, Eugene Wamalwa was left out and media houses reported that he had been sacked. He called me to a restaurant in Westlands as his area MP in Kimilili and informed me of the sacking and was earmarked for appointment as the Kenyan Ambassador to Uganda in Kampala. He wanted me to convince all the JUBILEE WESTERN MPS to protest against this move… something which I did even though the only MP who joined me at a presser was the current chief whip Emanuel Wangwe. Newspapers ran headlines like; Why Jubilee MPs might Join NASA.
By this time, the NASA brigade were protesting and anything of joining them was perceived to be enough threat to the president to rescind his decision. The president called  me more than 5 times reprimanding me. The Deputy President did the same but I was not cowed down. We had even planned to meet with NASA Leaders to pledge loyalty.
CS Eugene called me again, this time round assured me that the president had assured him of reappointed but to a different ministry and that I should go slow on the matter.
Download letter here; Response to CS Eugene
Upon his appointment as CS Devolution, he got excited and told me the car I was driving was too old and that I needed a V8. I was using a Landcruiser Prado KCE by then.
He send me to a car bazaar at YAYA CENTER called SMART CARS LIMITED where I identified a Landcruiser  V8 in company of his aide Mr. Matumbayi. The value was KES11.7M OUT OF WHICH I RAISED KES7 MILLION and the balance was to be paid by CS Eugene Wamalwa as voluntary as a gift.
The documents were surrendered to me as I drove the car away.
In March 15th 2019, I was surprised to receive a demand notice from Smart Cars asking me to pay the KES4.2M balance in 7 days…. The balance which Eugene Wamalwa had indicated to have paid. I was further dismayed on Wednesday March 20, 2019 when I saw a newspaper advert that Smart Cars had initiated insolvency proceedings against me if I failed to pay this debt.
This was due to the fact that I had refused to join him because at the time, he was at the centre of supremacy battles with Speaker Ken Lusaka on who should be Deputy President’s running mate come 2022. This was before the handshake and we in Jubilee were choir masters of Uhuru 10 and Ruto 10. Raila was still masquerading as the people’s president by then.
I paid the balance and the suit collapsed. I later realized that the V8 Car was valued at KES 7M and the extra KES 4.2M was brokerage fees by his aides who are experts in this thieving business. This marked my political departure from him.
  1. As human beings, we leave in some symbiotic relationships. I cannot entirely dismiss the notion that he has never supported me but such support, if any, was not an insurance that I keep quiet when the CS DOESN’T ASSIST OUR PEOPLE. I have never insulted him but said the following which I will repeat 100 times.
  2. That while CS Eugene was CS in charge of Water and Sanitation, water taps in Bungoma and rest of western counties and Tranzoia ran more dry.
  3. That while CS Wamalwa was in charge of Devolution and Wycliffe Oparanya was chair Council of Governors, he used his position to attract donors in dualling Kisumu-Kakamega road while here in Bungoma, Gov Wangamati had to commit 1.2B to dual a 7 KMS ROAD from Musikoma to Kanduyi; something which the CS could have assisted in getting alternative funding. He was good for nothing.
I therefore want to state categorically that CS Eugene is an accident to the people of Mulembe and has never used his position to advance the interests of the community and change their livelihoods. He is a self-seeker and even a nominated MCA is far much better that him by all standards.
~ Hon. Didmus Wekesa Barasa Mutua, MP ~


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