Details of the meeting between County Commissioner Kimiti/Security team and Governor Wangamati

Bungoma County Covid-19 Response team meeting at Governor Wangamati's office

In Summary;

  • Meeting
  • Presser
  • Extracts from Auditor General’s report
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Covid-19 County Response team was previously established to comprise the National government led by the County commissioner his team (Security) and Bungoma County government led by the Governor. With the County Governor and Commissioner Co-Chairing, the team commenced work well making good strides in identifying and pursuing Covid-19 cases as well as protecting hot-spots via fumigation and enforcing Covid-19 guidelines to curb the spread. But with time despite having received over 370 million from different entities Bungoma County has calculatedly but slowly withdrawn from its obligations to fight Covid-19 leaving the security agencies the sole duty of tackling the pandemic. All this is happening with over 167 million lying at the bank

Today, 13 April, 2021 the security team sought an appointment with Gov. Wangamati, a meeting that was attended by non-members to the Covid-19 County Response team as constituted. In attendance were; County Commissioner Samuel Kiriti, Dr. Musyoki – County Police commander, Mr. Ondoro – County CID commander, Mr. Kibet – Administration Police Commander, Muthuri and Gilbert _ Intelligence from the security team while Wangamati, Health CEC led CECs and COs to the meeting


My rat in the meeting indicate that they addressed among other things the laid-back position the County govt. had assumed despite being a Co-partner that is supposed to facilitate most of the team’s operations. It must be remembered that on enforcement, the CEC Health Dr. Antony Walela while addressing the media sometimes back warned that those who won’t wear facemasks that they risk being arrested by the County enforcement officers (Kanjos).

On its part the Security agents are normally expected to among other things fuel Police cars during curfews, patrols and other security related issues.

Auditor General’s report

#iKUWEiKUWE has also learnt that while 98 cases have been recorded yesterday 13th April 13, 2021 in Kanduyi alone the county govt has out rightly failed in the following areas;

  • Fumigation of highly populated places –
  • Supply of facemasks (as promised by Wangamati)
  • Visitation to home-based care patients
  • Procurement of adequate PPEs
  • Provision of water points, Soap
  • Replacement of defective Thermo-guns
  • Educating the public on Covid-19
  • No mass testing

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County Commissioner;

  • Asked the County government to work closely with the security agencies to fight covid-19
  • Expressed the need to adhere to the Covid-19 protocols as he hailed some Churches and mosques. He pointed out that 3 notorious bars are on their most-wanted list and will therefore be closed, licenses revoked in case of any arrests
  • Burial; He insisted that burials must be done in 72hours with 50 in attendance
  • Weddings; A maximum number of 30pax is allowed
  • Over 4,000 arrests have been done in five months with 30 being done in less than 24hours

Governor Wangamati;

  • Bungoma was lucky that Covid-19 spread has flattened
  • 2020 statistics; 4,658 Covid-19 tests, Positive 650, 16 died …positivity rate 13%
  • 2021 statistics; 529 Covid-19 tests, Positive 110, 7 died …positivity rate 20%
  • Isolation Centres; Webuye KMTC, Webuye referral hospital, BCRH, Bungoma West Hospital and Lifecare
  • Covid-19 Vaccination;
    • 2,600 heath workers, 566 police, 2,177 teachers, 4,000 Common Mwananchi
    • The 12,000 Vaccination doses received by Bungoma will be over soon
    • Encouraged Elderly residents to take the vaccine
  • He concluded by asking every resident to adhere to Covid-19 guidelines

With, #iKUWEiKUWE also wishes to inform the public that Bungoma County Referral Hospital and Lifecare are hosting most Covid-19 patients… Oxygen is generally not adequate in the entire country…TAKE THE VACCINE… BE SAFE!!

Wangamati and the County Commissioner addressing the media


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