Wamunyinyi’s faction submit form PP7


Friday, May 05, 2020

Ford Kenya SG. Dr. Eseli and ‘Interim Party Leader’ Wafula Wamunyinyi finally hand in a duly signed Form PP7 to the Registrar of Political Parties.

The registrar asks them to fulfil section 20

Eseli also claimed that Wetangula’s faction was trying to intimidate those who ‘attended and signed’ for his removal as party leader

We have this morning submitted form PP7 duly signed by authorized officials of the party to the Registrar of political parties as directed. We have therefore fully complied with all the requirements and trust changes will be effected.

~ Hon. Wamunyinyi ~


Section 20


  1. Whowever much you try to intimidate him,,Weta will remain our representative n however much you force yourselves to remove him from power,, remember the power is with the people n we shall stand with Wetangula forever


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