Uproar as Nzowasco MD dismisses disgruntled employees for raising grave concerns killing the water company

Mr. Mathews Maruti Wakhungu, MD Nzowasco // Photo: Source

In Summary;

  • Dismissal
  • Protest letter to Senate
  • Grave concerns

The axing of three members of Nzowasco staff has raised temperatures in the water company as employees write a protest letter to the Senate demanding for immediate action. According to the MDs dismissal letter, the three members of staff had appeared before a disciplinary committee on 11th May 2023 that found them guilty of; insubordination, creating disturbance at work and insulting bosses among others.

This comes a few hours before the MD appears before the senate following a summon to address among other things de-clustering and mismanagement of the company. He is scheduled to appear in the senate tomorrow 20th June 2023

ikuweikuwe.com has also received a letter addressing concerns raised by workers in protest of the dismissal of their colleagues. it has been addressed to Bungoma Governor Kenneth Lusaka, TransNzoia Governor George Natembeya, Senator Wafula Wakoli, TransNzoia Senator Allan Chesang, Nairobi Senator Edwin Sifuna and Kanduyi MP John makali among others and it reads in part;

The above subject matter refers:
We the Nzowasco staff would like to bring to your attention the challenges we are facing from our management.
We have realized that even though our monies are deducted from our pay slips the Management has never remitted since the year 2020 July to date and the previous years they are still a lot of gaps which the current Management had promised to clear through in installment system, and it has never happened.
Recently we lost a staff (MATETE JOSEPH) and to our surprise the family never received benevolent funds, because   the account inactive due to lack of remittance.
  1. Our Bank loans are also not remitted despite being deducted from our pay slips yet it is on cheque off system.
  2. NZOWAWA is a Company welfare, our monies are deducted and there is no remittance,
  3. NEPOTISM, We have realized there is a lot of Nepotism where by the HRM Patrcia Okello and the Managing Director Mr. Mathews Maruti Wakhungu employ their close relatives in Management positions and fact with Huge salaries.
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  • The Finance/Commercial Manager Mr. Ramadhan Odhiambo Kubende, Regional Manager Bungoma Mr. Joseph sikuku Mang’ula, Deputy Technical Manager Ms. Sheha, and a Meter reader by the name Johnvin Okelo in Kitale being relatives to the HRM, yet we have staffs who have worked on contract for more than ten years and with the required minimum qualifications, we also have staffs who have acted in Top positions and performed very well, yet when it comes for recruitment, the current Management source people from out (relatives).
  1. UNION, this is a company that works without a Union since the HRM advised the M.D not to recognize the Union and when the M.D failed the HRM has been boasting that she didn’t know Bukusus are cowards, (even politicians when they complain they are rewarded with 100,000 only and one contract position).
  2. INCREMENT, there has not been any annual increment in this Company, and harmonization is done selectively.
  3. Top management and a few of their selective friends/staff are always out for retreats and seminars yet they always complain  there are no funds ,
  4. PAYSLIPS, they have messed with our pay slips without our consultation.
  5. DE-CLUSTERING, during this process we request the CECMs to appoint a caretaker team to oversee the transition process to avoid Management’s misappropriation of funds, but we have realized the Management might sabotage the process, so we feel they should go home as the process goes on.
  6. SALARIES, there has been delay in paying salaries; we are paid as late as 15th or 20th of the following month.
  7. CUSTOMERS, Many customers have applied and paid for new applications but they are not given the services due to lack of meters and other fittings, according to the Management there no funds yet customers pay for new application, some customers request for refund and are not paid due to lack funds as it has been their song.
  8. WATER PUMP, There is no water pump which leads to supply failure in Bungoma. Matisi TREATMENT, the Management bought a new pump, but upon tasting, it was not functional, we are yet to know where it was taken to or if the money was ever refunded.
  9. LUSAKA ROAD. There is money that was given by WATER TRUST FUND, that was supposed to repair line from Ndengelwa to Musikoma,this was not done, they only worked half way from Sikata to half way Marell estate.to date,Musikoma people still have got no water
  10. GRANT, The Company received over Kenya Shillings 30 million from Water Trust Fund for purchase of LOW LIFT and HIGH LIFT PUMPS for Matisi and Nzoia Treatment Plants, the same Grant was for  rerouting  and Replacing Lusaka Road Line and Waitaluk areas, one year down the line no value for the said monies, we still experience water shortages. 
After these grievances were launched, some colleagues were served with show cause letters on 6thMay of which they appeared before the disciplinary committee on 26th may.
The committee chaired by Madam Lucy Njeri concluded that they have no case to answer but recommended for further investigations. But on 16th June, they were served with summery dismissal letters.
Kindly assist us in any way that you can.

~ Nzowasco members of staff ~                                                            


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