Bungoma County advertises 28 road construction tenders worth Kshs 200 million

A County vehicle stuck due to bad roads / File photo

In Summary;

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The Ministry of Roads Infrastructure and Public Works, wishes to invite sealed bids from Eligible Contractors. Tenders to be received on or before Tuesday 15th of Nov 2022 at 12:00 noon local time.

For more information go to IFMIS SUPPLIERS PORTAL www.supplier.treasury.go.ke, www.bungoma.go.ke/tenders or PPIP portal: www.tenders.go.ke/portal

Interested eligible candidates may download a complete set of tender document with evaluation criteria from the County Government of Bungoma website www.bungoma.go.ke and/ or the IFMIS tender portal www.supplier.treasury.go.ke / or PPIP portal: www.tenders.go.ke portal using the unique IFMIS Negotiation Number indicated in the tender advert.

Download (categories): bc road tender advert-8-11-2022

1 BGM/CNTY/RPW/OT/001/2022-2023 Completion Of Lusaka Road And Rehabilitation Works 1117055 OPEN NCA 6 & Above
2 BGM/CNTY/RPW/OT/002/2022-2023 Periodic Maintenance Of Kibuk Kaberua Chepkitale Road 1117054 OPEN NCA 6 & Above
3 BGM/CNTY/RPW/OT/003/2022-2023 Routine Maintenance Of Bukembe –Sawa Road 117053 WOMEN NCA 8 & Above
4 BGM/CNTY/RPW/OT/004/2022-2023 Periodic Maintenance Of Slaughter House Road 1117052 OPEN NCA 7 & Above
5 BGM/CNTY/RPW/OT/005/2022-2023 Routine Maintenance Of Harambee Bridge –Kimatuni Joy Valley Khayo 117051 OPEN NCA 8 & Above
6 BGM/CNTY/RPW/OT/006/2022-2023 Routine Maintenance Of Sikata Primary Chemwa-Luucho Khalaba Musukho Road 1117050 WOMEN NCA 8 & Above
7 BGM/CNTY/RPW/OT/007/2022-2023 Routine Maintenance Of Topstar-Sasaka Maresi Bridge 1117049 OPEN NCA 8 & Above
8 BGM/CNTY/RPW/OT/008/2022-2023 Routine Maintenance Of Kimilili-Moi Girls Kamutiong Road 1116998 OPEN NCA 8 & Above
9 BGM/CNTY/RPW/OT/009/2022-2023 Periodic Maintenance Of Froi-Nabuyole 1116995 OPEN NCA 8 & Above
10 BGM/CNTY/RPW/OT/010/2022-2023 Periodic Maintenance Of Biafra-Wasio-Wamono-Mayekwe Road 1116994 YOUTH NCA 8 & Above
11 BGM/CNTY/RPW/OT/011/2022-2023 Periodic Maintenance Of Wenyila-Murram Lugulu Road 1116992 OPEN NCA 8 & Above
12 BGM/CNTY/RPW/OT/012/2022-2023 Routine Maintenance Of Namutali Road 1116991 OPEN NCA 8 & Above
13 BGM/CNTY/RPW/OT/013/2022-2023 Periodic Maintenance Of Chepkube Coffee Factory-Chief Kiboi Burkenwo 1116988 WOMEN NCA 8 & Above
14 BGM/CNTY/RPW/OT/014/2022-2023 Periodic Maintenance Of CBSM School-Mulongo Namakhele Primary 1116987 YOUTH NCA 8 & Above
15 BGM/CNTY/RPW/OT/015/2022-2023 Routine Maintenance Of Chebukwa Kisiwa TTI 1116986 OPEN NCA 8 & Above
16 BGM/CNTY/RPW/OT/016/2022-2023 Periodic Maintenance Of Wamangoli-Ndemaki Water Spring-Asst.Chief Office 1116984 OPEN NCA 8 & Above
17 BGM/CNTY/RPW/OT/017/2022-2023 Routine Maintenance Of Generation-Lufwindiri Road 1116982 WOMEN NCA 8 & Above
18 BGM/CNTY/RPW/OT/018/2022-2023 Routine Maintenance Of Sosio-Marofu Mkt Mapera 1116980 OPEN NCA 8 & Above
19 BGM/CNTY/RPW/OT/019/2022-2023 Routine maintenance Of Mareba-Tabuti Nangeni Road 1116978 PWDs NCA 8 & Above
20 BGM/CNTY/RPW/OT/020/2022-2023 Routine Maintenance Of Tuuti Mkt –Tuuti Police Stn-Elite Maliki Primary-Khalaba River 1116977 YOUTH NCA 8 & Above
21 BGM/CNTY/RPW/OT/021/2022-2023 Routine maintenance Of Wekelekha Junt. Wesamba-R.Sio Road 1116975 PWDs NCA 8 & Above
22 BGM/CNTY/RPW/OT/022/2022-2023 Construction Of Samoya-Maunda Box Culvert 1116974 OPEN NCA 7 & Above
23 BGM/CNTY/RPW/OT/023/2022-2023 Construction Of Khamulati Coffee Factory Twin Box Culvert 1116973 WOMEN NCA 7 & Above
24 BGM/CNTY/RPW/OT/024/2022-2023 Construction Of Tinga Moja –Kapkara Box Culvert 1116972 WOMEN NCA 7 & Above
25 BGM/CNTY/RPW/OT/025/2022-2023 Construction Of Kibochi- Ngalasia Box Culvert 1116971 OPEN NCA 7 & Above
26 BGM/CNTY/RPW/OT/026/2022-2023 Construction Of Kubura- Kuruma Saria Box Culvert 1116969 YOUTH NCA 7 & Above
27 BGM/CNTY/RPW/OT/027/2022-2023 Construction Of Chemwesus-Chemusisi Box Culvert 1116966 PWDs NCA 7 & Above
28 BGM/CNTY/RPW/OT/028/2022-2023 Construction Of Chiliba Pr. School Box Culvert 1116964 OPEN NCA 7 & Above


Mandatory requirements

  • Certified Copy of Certificate of Registration/Incorporation.
  • Certified Copy of Valid Tax Compliance Certificate/Exemption Certificate Issued by KRA
  • Certified Copy of CR 12 Certificate for Limited Companies for the last 12 months
  • VALID copy of National Construction Authority for Road works as mentioned above, and MUST be accompanied by the Annual Practicing License.
  • Certified Copy of KRA Pin Certificate.
  • Bid Security from Reputable Bank or Insurance Company Approved by PPRA for Open Tenders. Special categories are exempted.
  • For Special Groups VALID and Certified AGPO Certificate Must Be Provided as Specified In The Tender Documents
  • Dully filled, signed and stamped Tender form
  • Dully filled, stamped and signed Business Questionnaire Form
  • Certified Valid Single Business Permit.
  • MUST provide Copies of the national ID/passport for the directors as per CR12
  • Dully filled, stamped and signed Bill Of Quantities
  • Pre-BID site visit is MANDATORY and will be on Friday 11th of November 2022 as from 10.00 am local at the Ministry of Roads, infrastructure and public works conference hall, site visit certificate will be issued as an evidence of attendance

Complete tender documents must be submitted through the IFMIS SUPPLIER PORTAL www.Supplier.treasury.go.ke as per the requirements contained in the document so as to be received on or before Tuesday 15th Of November 2022 At 12.00 Noon Local Time. Bids shall be opened immediately thereafter in the presence of bidders or their representative who may choose to attend at Ministry of Roads, Infrastructure and Public Works conference hall.

NOTE: Bidders who May experience challenges in accessing and uploading their tenders in the IFMIS tender portal should contact the IFMIS Helpdesk (email http:/ifmis.go.ke, Tel: 0800721477/0204801801) at the treasury or contact Supply Chain Management Office located behind H.E the Governor’s office County Government of Bungoma for assistance during official working hours. (Monday-Friday 8:00am- 5:00Pm)

MANUAL SUBMISSIONS will not be accepted. All tenders must be submitted through the IFMIS Platform.



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