Wetangula’s shamba-boy shot as Police attempt to rescue notorious thieves from mob-justice

Gilbert Wekesa's gunshot wound

In Summary;

  • Stray bullet
  • Mob-justice foiled
  • Police Report
  • List of recovered items

Gilbert Wekesa a man employed by Bungoma Senator and Ford Kenya Party leader Moses Wetangula was on Monday 18th October 2021 shot in the leg as Police tried to scare a charged mob that was determined to lynch thieves that were detained in a house they lived in at Namuyemba area (Senator’s neighborhood). Sources indicate that Wekesa who was cutting napier grass when the incident occurred says he felt something “pinch/bite” him only to check and see blood oozing out of his leg. He sat down not knowing what had happened and why his leg was swelling only to be rescued by a Policeman on Patrol in the Senator’s farm.

Earlier members of the public had surrounded a house believed to be hosting four notorious thugs before flashing them out and giving them a thorough beating. The arrival of the Police led to a face-off with public which did not want the thugs to be arrested but to be lynched. This led to some chaotic moment as Police fired “in the air” to scare the public. Seemingly, one of the stray bullets caught Wetangula’s employee as everyone scampered for safety.

Thugs and their weapons

The Police recovered various items the thug’s houses (listed below) before bundling them  onto a Police truck to the Bungoma Police Station before admitting them at Bungoma County Referral Hospital for medication. One thug is still at large.

Wekesa was treated at Bungoma West Hospital and has now been discharged for the bullet did not touch any bone.


  • Bungoma County
  • Bungoma South Subcounty
  • Kanduyi Division
  • Kibabii Location.

Subj: Arrest of suspected thieves/Criminals

Today at Lusanjela A village of Tuuti sub location in a rental houses owned by one Mrs. Naomi Nyakio near the residence of Senator Wetangula and found suspected thieves and start to give a chase and caught up with them following;
  1. Willy
  2. Dan
  3. Ritah
  4. Winnie
One Allan Mitungu escaped narrowly. several household items suspected to have been stolen were recovered from various places. Some were found in the house of Allan and others were found in the house of Willy. The four were rescued by the Area chief assisted by some members of the public before the Police came and picked them. They sustained serious injuries during the fracas. The suspects are now undergoing treatment at BCRH. Recovered items were taken to Bungoma Police Station as exhibits.
Recovered items


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