SUMMARY: Kaliao Peter aka Peter Oteng alias Storm’s unresolved death, dramatic but Kingly burial



Storm as he was popularly known in Kenya was the last born child of four in Chairman Tofilli Ikagwe’s family who moved to Kenya and was adopted in an orphanage before finding his way into Kenyas music limelight. The self made King of Ragga with a slight Uganda music fusion always portrayed himself as a total orphan while in Kenya… Until iKUWEiKUWE members and friends from Kenya visited his Chitelede home in Central Uganda for burial

I experienced unresolved trouble with internet and therefore I opted to record videos but I also remembered to do a LIVESTREAM where I addressed the nation for two and a half hours on our trip to the burial and back:

Livestream Link:

Here are more videos;

Video; Arrival at storm’s home on 15.8.2021… Area Councilor introduces storms parents

Storm’s brother cries uncontrollably demanding for answers;

Livestream on 16.8.2021 at the ancestral graveyard – More revelation:

Artistes mourn their colleague;

Storm’s Ugandan relatives cover his body with colourful garments;



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