CS Wamalwa’s hand, an unanswered complaint letter prompt Hon. Barasa’s resignation from a Jubilee post

Hon Tony Barasa, MCA Lwandanyi

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The vibrant and no nonsense Lwandanyi ward MCA Hon. Tony Barasa tendered his resignation letter to the County Assembly of Bungoma Speaker Hon. Emmanuel Situma on Tuesday, 8 May 2021 after a lengthy push and pull between the Assembly and the Executive. The MCA in his letter indicated that he is nevertheless still going to be the Chair to the Public Accounts Committee.

#iKUWEiKUWE has further learnt that the MCA had earlier written a complaint letter addressed to the Jubilee Party Secretary General Raphael Tuju with no reply and having noticed the involvement of CS Eugene Wamalwa saving Wangamati from an impeachment even though he did not secure a meeting for the Jubilee MCAs with the party SG, he decided to throw in the towel saying he’d rather put his energies in serving Lwandanyi residents than engaging fights over party positions with people who do not value their oversight role in the Assembly.

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The letter reads in part;

The above subject matter refers: –
Aware of the Constitution of Kenya 2010, Jubilee party is the second largest party in the County Assembly of Bungoma with a membership of 14 (fourteen) members hence playing the role of official opposition in over sighting the County Government of the day.
The County Assembly through the sectoral committee on Public Administration vide a resolution made in one of its sittings, invoked the provisions of section 18 of the County Assemblies Powers and Privileges Act 2017 read together with article 195 of the Constitution of
Kenya, 2010 and being guided by standing order No. 172 of the Bungoma County Assembly standing orders resolved to summon his Excellency the Governor of Bungoma County, Hon.
Wycliffe Wangamati to personally appear before the said committee on 4th May 2021 to shed light on issues ranging from misappropriation of funds, abuse of office, reckless public pronouncements that were insightful in nature and issues touching on employment of village Administrators that had no budgetary allocation, among others.
The Governor, though duly summoned as stated above declined to appear before the committee.
The Committee in its wisdom resolved to invoke the provisions provided under sections 22(3) and 27 of the County Assemblies powers and privileges act, 2017.Consequently, the said committee and the county assembly membership commenced the process of collection of signatures seeking for removal of His excellency Hon. Wycliffe Wangamati from office as the Governor of Bungoma County, out of which 44 honorable members signed the petition including 14 members aligned to jubilee party.
In the petition seeking for his removal, among grounds cited included failure to honor lawful summons and late submission of statutory documents to the County Assembly. Shockingly three (3) days later, jubilee party in the County Assembly after meeting the governor decided not to proceed with the said impeachment process despite the fact that they had duly signed the petition claiming that it is the party position. Out of the fourteen members, three of us namely;
  1. Tony Barasa – MCA – Lwandanyi Ward
  2. Joan Kirong – Kapkatemy Ward; and
  3. Reba Wabwile – Nominated
We’re still on course
Download here; Jubilee Coalition Assembly Committee Membership list (1)
The said position has prompted us to be de-whipped from the Party because of the positions we hold in the County Assembly that is Deputy Minority Leader and Deputy Chief Whip by (Hon. Joan Kirong)
They went further to purport to de-whip and discharge us from committees (four to one) Arising from this, we have requested for clarity from the head-quarters our relief being that the Jubilee leadership of the County Assembly of Bungoma be summoned to appear before the disciplinary committee under article 13 of the Jubilee party constitution to explain among other things;
  1. Was it a party position as claimed?
  2. To provide communication of the party if any over the same subject
  3. To be stopped from de-whipping us from the party leadership positions because of our stand.
  4. To be stopped from de-whipping members from committees
  5. To show cause as to why they have violated article 13 of the Jubilee Party Constitution and switching allegiances to champion the interests of other parties in the County assembly and failure to uphold the party position of fighting corruption and observing the rule of law as stipulated under article 13 of the Jubilee party
We have also communicated to the honourable speaker of the County Assembly of Bungoma not to make any communication regarding the purported changes until we receive clarity from the National office”

~ Hon. Tony Barasa – MCA Lwandanyi, Deputy Minority Leader, Chair PAC Committee ~



Mbakalo MCA Hon. Bethwel Mwambu welcomed the resignation saying it was long overdue. He indicated that they are anxiously waiting for the speaker’s communication on the same today Wednesday, 9 May 2021 before they roll out plans as new office bearers.

New office bearers upon the speaker’s communication;

  • Deputy Minority Leader – Hon. Bethwel Mwambu, MCA Mbakalo
  • Deputy Chief Whip – Hon. Cheberer Ingo



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