Barack Obama’s ‘FAKE’ birth certificate emerges

Barack Obama's 'fake' birth certificate as posted by Malik Obaka

Malik Obama,  took to Twitter last night with a document that looks like a birth certificate for his brother Barack obama prompting their sister Auma Obama to rally Kenyans on Twitter (KOT) in castigating him (Malik) for posting a ‘fake’ birth certificate of their brother

  • This is just but one of the attempts by Malik to publicly discredit President Obama since he became the President of USA.
  • On the certificate it’s indicated that Barack was born on August 4, 1961 at the Coast General Hospital – Mombasa, Kenya

Barack’s sister, Auma Obama replied…

So blindly consumed by #jealousy and #bitterness that you will go to any length to slander your younger brother’s name – literally! Just because he has outshone you in EVERY SINGLE ASPECT of his life. Seek relevance elsewhere big brother!

Miguna Miguna also weighed in in reply to Malik Obama…

Chief: Let your brother live in peace. Stop helping @realDonaldTrump – a white supremacist – smear your brother in the mud.


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